Tia Booth Reveals Mental Health Struggles

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Bachelor¬†alum Tia Booth is opening up about the mental health struggles she has been facing lately. She went to social media to share how she’s been feeling lately. Several videos explained where she is coming from and how she’s trying to fix it. What did she have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Tia Booth Shares Struggles With Mental Health

Bachelor in Paradise alum Tia Booth is opening up about her struggles with mental health. She went to Instagram to share a series of videos that explain where she is at mentally and what she is doing to overcome it.

Tia shared that she has been struggling and feels lost as a person. Outside of being Tatum’s mother and Taylor Mock’s wife, she doesn’t really know who she is anymore.

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She pointed out that she loves being a mother more than anything in the world. Outside of that, she feels like she has forgotten who she is without being influenced by social media.

Tia said, “I’ve kind of forgotten who I am outside of being a mom, a wife, an influencer, etc.”

She went on to admit that she gets so overwhelmed with what she should be doing that it almost paralyzes her. Tia wants to be off her phone more and also be present for her family, which she feels she isn’t. She said, “I miss being my authentic self. I just don’t know where she went.”

She Knows When Things Changed For Her

Tia Booth also shared that she knows when things changed for her. It was right after her Dad passed away. She revealed that the grief she felt changed her. Having Tatum also changed her in a good way but she still feels lost.

Tia even revealed that she and her husband Taylor have discussed her going to a wellness retreat which is basically like a rehab so she can have a mental health reset.

Since she really can’t be away from her son for long, so far she has decided against a wellness retreat and even a staycation. So, Tia is going to take an intentional break from social media. She shared it won’t be for long because she has work obligations and brand commitments but she does need a few days.

She wants to really try to be present for her family and have a mental reset. Tia referred to social media as a double-edged sword. In one way it’s great and keeps everyone together. In another, it affects her mental health too much.

Tia thanked everyone for letting her ramble and assured everyone she would be back.

What do you think about Tia admitting she is having mental health struggles?

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