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Tia Booth Responds To Wild Accusations Surrounding Pregnancy News

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Bachelor Nation alum Tia Booth responds to wild accusations surrounding her pregnancy announcement. Keep reading to find out what happened.

Bachelor In Paradise alum surprises fans with baby announcement

Tia Booth celebrated Father’s Day 2022 by sharing a huge announcement with her Instagram followers. She posted two black and white photos of her growing baby bump.

That’s right, the BIP alum is pregnant with her first child! The news came just months after her engagement to Taylor Mock.

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Tia Booth/Credit: Tia Booth Instagram

The surprise proposal was caught on camera during the Bachelor Live On Stage tour.

Father’s Day may seem like a strange day to announce a pregnancy, but for Tia Booth, it was meaningful. It was her first Father’s Day without her dad who passed away in early 2022 of cancer.

What happened to make Tia clapback against accusations about her pregnancy announcement?

Tia Booth responds to wild accusations surrounding pregnancy announcement

The Bachelor Nation alum had a bit of a social media fail when sharing her huge news. Her initial pregnancy post disappeared within minutes, causing one BN fan to make the comment, “Yikes, she deleted it.”

However, Tia was quick to correct the misinformation. “Yikes – no I didn’t. It literally disappeared.”

She then took to her Instagram Stories with proof of the mysteriously disappearing post.

Tia shared screenshots of her Instagram feed at 7:37 p.m. that showed her initial pregnancy announcement. A screenshot from a few minutes later revealed the announcement was gone.

Credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Credit: Tia Booth Instagram

Colton Underwood’s former flame added that she didn’t even have her phone with her at the time her post was deleted.

Tia Booth’s second attempt at sharing her pregnancy news hasn’t been deleted. Click here to see the wholesome announcement.

Did she accidentally spill the news weeks ago?

Now that the cat is out of the bag, Tia Booth is spilling more about her pregnancy. She posted on her Instagram Stories that she was relieved to be able to talk about it now.

However, it turns out she almost ruined the surprise. How? The baby’s ultrasound has been on her fridge in the background of her Instagram posts for weeks. In fact, she said that a few people had already guessed that she was pregnant.

Tia also shared two adorable snapshots from early in her pregnancy. The first is from April when she thought she had a baby bump but wasn’t sure.

The second snapshot is from the beginning of June. “I didn’t know that clothes just STOPPED fitting this early,” she joked.

Credit: Tia Booth Instagram

The Bachelor star didn’t reveal her due date, but she said on her Instagram Stories that she can’t wait until the “second trimester energy” hits.

Have you ever had a post randomly deleted from Instagram like Tia’s pregnancy news? Let us know in the comments below.

Congratulations to Tia Booth and Taylor Mock on their impending bundle of joy!

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