‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Brandon Spills Joy’s Secret?

Brandon Rogers and Joy via YOutube

The Season 2 finale of Farmer Wants a Wife is airing tonight on Fox. Ahead of the finale, Brandon Rogers did an interview where he spilled some tea about the season. One of the big pieces of information involved Joy. What did he have to say about her and a secret she seemed to have? Keep reading to find out more.

Farmer Wants a Wife Brandon Rogers Spills Some Tea

Season 2 is wrapping up for Farmer Wants a Wife. Fans are eager to know if any of the farmers found love while on the show. Brandon Rogers is one of those lucky farmers who was given the chance to look for his future bride on television. He had five ladies who initially went with him to his farm in Colorado.

One of those women was Joy Mayfield. She was getting a lot of hate on social media. Fans will recall during one conversation she told Brandon that she really doesn’t have many feelings. She’s not an emotional person. Fans were shocked at her response to him.

He admitted during the recent interview that he realized Joy was emotionally unavailable. He felt like a lot of this came from family adversity. This is where he slipped and spilled Joy’s secret. Brandon started talking about the potential to go and meet Joy’s family.

Farmer Wants A Wife Brandon Rogers and Joy Mayfield - Instagram
Instagram/Joy Mayfield

Joy did not want to take him home. One of the big reasons behind this that was not shown on air is that she didn’t tell her mom she was going on the show until the day before she left. Brandon said he understood and just believed that they experienced very different upbringings.

He feels this is why she was so emotionally unavailable and he was very soft and wore his heart on his sleeve.

In the end, her unwillingness to take him home resulted in her leaving the show.

Brandon Rogers, Joy Mayfield, Grace Girard, and Emerson Sears - Farmer Wants A Wife - YouTube
Brandon Rogers, Joy Mayfield, Grace Girard, and Emerson Sears – Farmer Wants A Wife – YouTube

The Final Two Women

On the season finale of Farmer Wants a Wife Thursday night, Brandon along with the other farmers will decide if they have found their match. Brandon will be choosing between Emerson and Grace. He met both of their families last week and has since formed stronger connections.

Brandon believes either of these ladies could fit in well on the farm and be happy living in such a small community.

Who do you think he will choose? Don’t miss the Season 2 finale of Farmer Wants a Wife tonight on Fox.

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