‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Brandon Rogers Breaks Silence About Joy’s Exit

Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers

Farmer Wants A Wife cast member Joy Mayfield was one of the biggest personalities in Season 2 of the Fox show. Recently, farmer Brandon Rogers broke his silence about her exit. So, what did Brandon have to say about her leaving the farm?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Lots Of Personalities On The Farms

Part of the fun of watching Farmer Wants A Wife is never knowing what type of ladies will show up on the farm. On the one hand, you get some women who grew up with farm life. These types of women are well-suited for life on the farm.

On the other hand, you also get city girls who are all about the glitz and glam of big cities. The culture clash that comes when you get these women on a farm is a big part of what makes the show. There’s also the question of whether opposites can attract in terms of lifestyle and upbringing.

Farmer Wants a Wife Joy Mayfield, Grace Girard and Emerson Sears - Instagram
Instagram/Joy Mayfield

Joy Mayfield Was One Of The Biggest Personalities In Season 2

Joy Mayfield is certainly a memorable personality from Season 2 of Farmer Wants A Wife. She is the type of person that can be very abrasive at times. Brandon Rogers has a very calm, quiet demeanor. So, someone like Joy forced him to come out of his shell in a good way.

Joy’s abrasive personality also rubbed off when it came to the other ladies in the house. When you have a personality like Joy has, it’s bound to clash with some people. Even so, Brandon Rogers and Joy seemed to warm up to each other as the season progressed, and some people were even rooting for them.

This only made it that much more shocking when Joy Mayfield decided to pack her bags and send herself home in Farmer Wants A Wife scenes. She didn’t feel comfortable bringing Brandon home to her family because she was not in love with him. Along with that, she didn’t see that changing for them in the future. So, she decided to pack it up and leave the farm.

Farmer Wants A Wife Brandon Rogers and Joy Mayfield - Instagram
Instagram/Joy Mayfield

Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers Opens Up About Joy Leaving

Joy Mayfield leaving the farm in Farmer Wants A Wife scenes was one of the most dramatic moments all season. Recently, Brandon Rogers opened up to his followers about her leaving, and the impact this had on him.

Brandon Rogers told his followers: “I was very surprised but not upset! If the connection was strong enough I assume Joy would have not asked to leave.Honesty is always the best policy!”

Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers
Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers/Instagram

Brandon’s response is very straightforward, with perhaps a little shade thrown in for good measure. All that’s left now is to find out who Brandon chooses in the end, as he is picking between Emerson Sears and Grace Girard in the upcoming finale episode.

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