‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Brandon Rogers Spills Tea On Filming & More

Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers

Farmer Wants A Wife farmer Brandon Rogers recently spilled the tea on what it’s like filming the show. So, what did he have to say about what the experience was like?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Fox Show A Proven Winner

Farmer Wants A Wife is a big hit in 32 countries. To date, the show that matches farmers with their future wives has led to more than 200 successful marriages. This has also translated to more than 500 children born from these unions.

There are a lot of reality dating shows out there, each with a format that seems crazier than the last. When it comes to Farmer Wants A Wife, this is a formula that is successful around the world. Indeed, this seems to be the winning equation.

Farmer Wants A Wife Season 1 Ladies, Fox
Farmer Wants A Wife Season 1 Ladies, Fox

Fans Hoping Season 2 Cast Does Better

The Farmer Wants A Wife formula may be a proven winner, but, that wasn’t ultimately the case for Season 1 of the show. Fox had the right idea to bring the show back, and viewers have tuned in at an impressive rate to watch farmers find love.

Unfortunately, none of the Season 1 couples are still together today. With the Season 2 finale fast approaching, viewers are hoping there will be some successful relationships from the current cast, which would notch something in the win column. This is especially true since all of the Season 1 couples called it quits.

Farmer Wants A Wife Brandon Rogers and Joy Mayfield - Instagram
Instagram/Joy Mayfield

At this rate, it won’t be long before Farmer Wants A Wife fans see who the farmers choose, as well as whether or not any of these couples can make a relationship work in the long run.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers Opens Up About Filming And More

Farmer Brandon Rogers recently opened up about what the filming process was like on the show, as well as dating as a whole. According to Rogers, dating where he is from is “difficult,” as most people graduate and leave.

Brandon Rogers added that “who could handle adversity” guided his choices in terms of who could “handle” being in the country and away from the city. Rogers added that filming started right in the middle of “peak harvest,” so, there was a lot to navigate in more ways than one.

Brandon Rogers, Farmer Wants A Wife
Brandon Rogers, Farmer Wants A Wife

Brandon Rogers went on to say that he felt “a lot of pressure” when it came down to picking his final lady. Between trying to keep his farm going, filming the show, and having to decide which woman he was going to choose, there was a lot for Brandon to sort out, and he did the best he could with what he had.

Brandon Rogers even called out production for wanting to “sell” the drama. Elements of scenes that he felt were important didn’t make the final cut. So, in many ways, he had a different vision compared to what production ultimately decided to include in many of his segments.

There’s a lot of drama heading into the Farmer Wants A Wife finale, and Brandon Rogers added even more insight regarding the overall filming process and overall experience. With the way things are going in current scenes, many viewers can’t wait to see who Brandon Rogers ultimately chooses in the end.

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