‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Did Brandon Accidently Reveal He Found Love?

Brandon Rogers via youtube

Farmer Wants a Wife Season 2 is wrapping tonight and fans will learn if each of the farmers found love or are still single. One of those farmers is Brandon Rogers. In a recent interview, he was asked some questions that make many wonder if he accidentally revealed he found a wife. What did he say? Keep reading to find out more.

Farmer Wants A Wife Brandon Rogers May Have Slipped Up On Ending

The Season 2 finale of Farmer Wants a Wife airs Thursday night. Ahead of the big finale, farmer Brandon Rogers did an interview with a Nebraska morning show where he answered questions about the season.

One big question involved whether or not he would recommend single farmers in Nebraska joining the show. Brandon told them it was a really good experience and one gets to meet a lot of great people. He said he would absolutely do it again. Then he added he would do it again if he didn’t find a wife.

This comment has fans wondering if he accidentally slipped up on whether or not he found love while on the show. Many think this was a good sign he found the woman of his dreams.

Brandon Rogers, Joy Mayfield, Grace Girard, and Emerson Sears - Farmer Wants A Wife - YouTube
Brandon Rogers, Joy Mayfield, Grace Girard, and Emerson Sears – Farmer Wants A Wife – YouTube

He was also asked out of all the states he had visited with the ladies, which one was his favorite that he would possibly consider living in. Brandon’s response was “Wisconson.”

Brandon started with five ladies he brought to the farm. Three ended up leaving on their own. When he got to the final two, Emerson and Grace, he got to travel to meet their families.

Emerson is from Iowa and Grace is from Wisconsin. Was this another clue when he mentioned his favorite visited state was Wisconsin?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers
Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers

Would These Two Ladies Fit In On The Farm?

The interview hosts also asked Brandon Rogers if he felt either of the two remaining women could fit in and make a life on the farm. After all, Brandon is from a very small town in Colorado.

He told the hosts that both women are very capable of adjusting to life on the farm. Grace is a social butterfly and is very outgoing and initially, he worried if she could find what she needed socially to make things work in Colorado. However, he believes she could adjust.

Fans will find out Thursday night which lucky lady Brandon chooses. Will it be Emerson or Grace? Don’t miss the season finale of Farmer Wants a Wife. 

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