What Attracted Grace Girard To Farmer Brandon Rogers?

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Although Farmer Wants A Wife fans know that the ladies get a chance to pick which farmer they pursue, the process isn’t exactly clear. However, fans got a chance to talk with Grace Girard about what qualities she likes about Farmer Brandon Rogers.

Grace Girard Discuss The Process Of Picking Brandon Rogers

Currently on Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2, the four farmers completed the stage of meeting the two final women’s families. In Brandon Rogers’ case, it has come down to Emerson Sears or Grace Girard. While ultimately the extension of a chance to pursue marriage lies with the farmer, fans get some insights from Grace about what makes Brandon Rogers so attractive to her. During an interview with FOX6 News MilwaukeeGrace Girard talks about the process of selecting a farmer of interest for Farmer Wants A Wife. Before joining the show, she was able to view approximately seven different farmers. Furthermore, she explains the process allows the women to rank the preferences of the men based on their shared interests. Then they submit their picks to a matchmaker who works with the men’s and women’s choices to pair them for the introductions on the show.

Grace Girard talks about the matchmaking process on FOX Local. - FOX6 News Milwaukee
Grace Girard talks about the matchmaking process on FOX Local. – FOX6 News Milwaukee

Grace Talks About Her Attraction

While Grace Girard touched on the matchmaking process, she didn’t specifically go into what her initial attractions to Brandon Rogers were. However, fans got a chance to delve in during an “Ask me anything” interview on Reddit with Grace and Ty Ferrell. Undeniably, one fan was ready to see what drew her to Brandon. They ask, “Grace- what qualities did Brandon possess that you were attracted to?”

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Then Grace Girard gives her reasons for being attracted to Brandon. She says initially it was, “His self-deprecating humor.” Furthermore, she talks about how more attributes grew on her along the way. She says, “And then I became attracted to his work ethic.” But even more so, she saw, “His loyalty to the people he cares about.” And additionally, she fell in love with, “How calm and not judgemental he is.” In the beginning, humor was a highly important quality for Grace and Brandon to connect on. Undeniably, as her relationship with Brandon developed, she could see his kind heart. Additionally, she understood his deep dedication to his work as well.

What do you think about Grace Girard’s reasons for attraction to Brandon Rogers? Are you ready to see the farmers’ choices on Farmer Wants A Wife? Drop your comments below.

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