‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Grace Girard Has Eye On Different Farmer?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Grace Girard

Farmer Wants A Wife cast member Grace Girard recently took to social media to answer some burning fan questions, including whether or not she had her eye on a completely different farmer. So, what did Grace have to say about her experience?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Final Choices Approaching In Season 2 Finale

Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 will soon premiere its final episode, where the farmers ultimately choose who they want to move forward with. Unlike last season, there will also be a reunion special with this cast. So, that is yet another thing to look forward to after the finale episode.

As Farmer Wants A Wife fans who have been watching all season long know, things are coming down to the final moments, where, after weeks on the farm dating multiple women, the farmers will finally choose who they legitimately want to give things a shot with.

Everything has been leading up to this final choice, as each of the farmers must choose who they want to move forward with and attempt to build a life with long-term.

Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers - Nathan Smothers
Farmer Wants A Wife: Brandon Rogers – Nathan Smothers

Farmer Brandon Rogers Is Down To Final Two Women

For Brandon Rogers, it’s all down to his final two women in Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2. It all comes down to Emerson Sears or Grace Girard. This is a big decision for Brandon to make. It has the potential to influence the course of the rest of his life if he chooses wisely.

Even though reality dating shows like this do play up the drama, Brandon Rogers has a huge decision to make heading into the Season 2 finale. No doubt, he can see a future timeline with both women. However, he, along with the rest of the farmers, can only choose one person to move forward with in the end.

Brandon Rogers, Joy Mayfield, Grace Girard, and Emerson Sears - Farmer Wants A Wife - YouTube
Brandon Rogers, Joy Mayfield, Grace Girard, and Emerson Sears – Farmer Wants A Wife – YouTube

Farmer Wants A Wife: More Than One Farmer Caught Grace Girard’s Eye?

Farmer Wants A Wife is all about the farmers choosing between multiple women. However, the way Grace Girard tells it from a recent session answering questions from fans, more than one farmer in a cowboy hat and denim caught her eye, too.

A fan of the show asked Grace Girard if farmer Brandon Rogers was her first choice. According to Grace, she said: “I saw 7 farmers originally, and Brandon was in my top 2. I honestly don’t remember where the other 3 were ranked!” The commenter went on to ask Grace if Ty Ferrell was her first choice, to which she replied: “No telling!!!”


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Naturally, this led many fans to suspect that Grace Girard originally had the hots for Ty Ferrell, even though she has been on Brandon Rogers’s farm this entire season. So, just like the farmers have to choose between multiple women, it looks like the ladies also have preferences for more than just one farmer, too.

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