‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ Grace Girard Confirms She Found Love?

Farmer Wants A Wife: Grace Girard

The Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 finale is fast approaching. For finalist Grace Girard, did she recently let slip that she is the one chosen by farmer Brandon Rogers in the end?

Farmer Wants A Wife Season 2 Finale Will Soon Air

Season 2 of Farmer Wants A Wife has been leading up to the moment when the farmers make their final choices. All of the working on the farm, all of the eliminations, and the meeting of the families all culminate in each farmer choosing the person they believe they could spend the rest of their lives with.

All of the drama and all of the suspense comes to a head, with each farmer choosing between the final two Farmer Wants A Wife ladies. With no successful matches from Season 1 lasting, the pressure is on to see if the Season 2 cast can make things work in the end.

Farmer Wants a Wife: Ty Ferrell - Brandon Rogers - Nathan Smothers - Mitchell Kolinsky
Farmer Wants a Wife: Ty Ferrell – Brandon Rogers – Nathan Smothers – Mitchell Kolinsky

The Pressure Is On For Farmer Brandon Rogers

For Brandon Rogers, his final decision comes down to either Emerson Sears or Grace Girard. Emerson was a late arrival to the farm, coming in at about the halfway point of the season. Despite her late arrival, she made enough of an impression on Brandon to stick around to the end.

As for Grace Girard, the Communications Associate from Caledonia, Wisconsin has made it to the final two despite some very differing lifestyle choices. Grace likes going out and spending a night on the town, whereas Brandon is a lot more comfortable living life in isolation on his farm. So, whether or not these two could mesh has been a big question leading up to the finale.

Ty Ferrell, Brandon Rogers, Farmer Wants A Wife, Instagram
Ty Ferrell, Brandon Rogers, Farmer Wants A Wife, Instagram

Farmer Wants A Wife: Grace Girard Confirms Brandon Chooses Her?

Recently, Grace Girard answered numerous questions from fans. She dished on everything from farm life to the filming process. However, something she said has viewers thinking she may have accidentally spilled the beans on how her story with Brandon Rogers plays out.

Responding to a fan, Grace Girard said: “The show really solidified my confidence in a lot of aspects of life. In relationships, it’s crazy to watch your love story play out on screen, and I have been able to reflect on my strengths and weaknesses in a relationship.”

Farmer Wants A Wife: Grace Girard
Farmer Wants A Wife: Grace Girard/YouTube

The fact that Grace Girard used the term “love story” to describe her scenes playing out with Brandon Rogers in current Farmer Wants A Wife episodes could have been a slip from her, accidentally giving away a major spoiler regarding who Brandon chooses in the end.

Describing her scenes as a “love story” playing out could certainly be a major clue as to how things conclude. Of course, fans won’t know for sure until the finale episode airs. However, this certainly could be a major slip from Grace if Brandon does end up choosing her in the finale.

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    Ty and Megan
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