‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber Hard Launched New Relationship?

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Former Bachelor Peter Weber shared a photo that has fans talking. He hasn’t been seen in a relationship since his on-and-off relationship with Kelly Flanagan. There have been rumors about him and other ladies but nothing he ever confirmed or admitted to. Now, some think he just hard launched a new relationship. Did he? Keep reading to find out more.

Did Bachelor Peter Weber Hard Launch New Girlfriend?

Fans were talking after Peter Weber shared a photo which has since been deleted of him with his arms around a beautiful woman. She was even holding a rose. According to other outlets, the woman is Audrey Mandaro. He also shared a video on his Instagram Stories that included her in it.

Many fans believe this was a hard launch for Peter and Audrey. While the photo he originally shared is gone, many grabbed screenshots, and the pic can be seen below. As for the video he shared, he and Audrey are in a bar in Italy.

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Just two days ago, Peter also shared a photo of himself eating gelato in Italy. On Sunday, Audrey shared a video of gorgeous scenery and bright blue water and there just so happened to be a man swimming with no other person around. Both of them have posted from Italy over the past few days.

Nobody knows too much about Audrey just yet. It seems from looking at her Instagram profile she loves to travel which is fitting for Peter. She also seems to really love coffee.

Peter Weber and new girl via innsta

What Peter Has Said About His Love Life

Peter Weber has appeared on a few podcasts over the past few months including Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off The Vine podcast. During this chat with Kaitlyn in April 2024, she asked him about his love life and if he was still even looking for love.

Peter told her that he was very open to finding love. He also said he was very single and ready to mingle. Peter went on to say that he is hoping to find his future wife this year. He said he has a really good feeling about it. Was he talking about Audrey?

Time will tell and now that he has seemingly gone public with her, perhaps they will both share more details and content with anxious followers.

What do you think about Pilot Peter Weber seeming to hard launch a new girlfriend? Do you think they will last?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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