Ellen Goltzer Reconnects With Old Flames After ‘Golden Bachelor’

Ellen Goltzer/Credit: ABC YouTube

Ellen Goltzer opens up about reconnecting with former flames after The Golden Bachelor. Plus, did she expect Gerry Turner to send her home? Keep reading for all the details.

Ellen Was Blindsided By Elimination

Ellen Goltzer started as one of 22 women hoping to find love with widower Gerry Turner. After receiving a rose at the first four rose ceremonies, Goltzer fully expected to receive another one.

However, Gerry Turner could only give roses to three of the remaining six women, and Ellen Goltzer wasn’t one of them.

He chose Theresa Nist, Faith Martin, and Leslie Fhima as his three finalists on The Golden Bachelor, sending Goltzer, Sandra Mason, and Susan Noles home.

Gerry Turner and Ellen Goltzer/Credit: ABC YouTube
Gerry Turner and Ellen Goltzer/Credit: ABC YouTube

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine after her elimination, Ellen Goltzer shared just how blindsided she was by not getting a rose. The pickleball champ said she was “weak in the knees” hearing Turner call Theresa Nist’s name and not hers.

She admitted, “I had doubts about his feelings because I know he was torn between a few girls,” but still expected to get a rose.

Ellen Goltzer “anticipated” being in the final three. “When I wasn’t, I was a little shocked,” the Florida snowbird said.

Refuses To Give Up On Love

Despite rejection from Gerry Turner, Ellen Goltzer isn’t giving up on love. If anything, appearing on The Golden Bachelor renewed her faith in love after divorce.

Following her elimination, she took to Instagram to reflect on the journey. “Saying goodbye to Gerry was not an easy thing to do. I was falling in love and I hadn’t felt those kinds of feelings for a guy in years,” Goltzer gushed about Gerry Turner.

“I have a new lease on love, I know I can fall in love again,” Goltzer continued. “I’m so ready to find my forever person, I wasn’t ready for so long, but I’m so ready now!

Could she find love with one of her old boyfriends?


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Ellen Goltzer Reconnects With Old Flames After Golden Bachelor

Appearing on The Golden Bachelor put Ellen Goltzer directly in the spotlight. And her former friends and flames noticed. She told PEOPLE that “people are reaching out from elementary school. I went to Forester School with her. It’s crazy.”

Even her old college boyfriends and old loves have contacted her to say “congrats.” What if they were interested in renewing their past love? Ellen Goltzer is moving forward, not looking back.

“I think I would’ve said, what’s up? Maybe it might’ve been different, but they lost their chance,” she said about the possibility of reigniting an old flame.

Do you think Ellen Goltzer will find her ‘forever person’? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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