Nick Viall Breaks Silence On Maria Georgas Rumors

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Former Bachelor Nick Viall broke his silence on the crazy conspiracy theory that Maria Georgas has about him. She previously claimed on a podcast that Nick played a part in her exiting the show. She even said that they knew each other previously and he predicted her to be a villain if she ever joined The Bachelor. What does he have to say about it all? Keep reading to find out more.

Nick Viall Breaks Silence On Maria Georgas Claims

Former Bachelor Nick Viall finally broke his silence on Maria Georgas after her claims that he was partly to blame for her exit from Joey Graziadei’s season. He spoke out on his own podcast, The Viall Files, after hearing everything Maria said on the Call Her Daddy podcast.

Nick first addressed that Maria said they were friends years earlier. He confirmed that was true. He also noted it was mostly him giving her relationship advice. Many fans believe there is more to their story than they are sharing. Some think they must have hooked up although neither has confirmed that, in fact, they both denied it.

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The Conspiracy Theory

After addressing that part, Nick went into discussing the conspiracy theory Maria had about her time on The Bachelor and how it contributed to her departure. He was referring to the theory that since he is good friends with Ashley Iaconetti and she is good friends with Sydney Gordon somehow they played a role in Maria’s troubles on the show.

He said, “That is true, long ago I did tell Maria — because Maria used to always ask me to get her on the show — and I did tell her that I could see her being the villain. And somehow that turned into Maria thinking that in my zero free time and not knowing that she was on the show that somehow I made it my mission to [take her down].”

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He Shared Further Comments

Nick Viall also went on to comment on Maria saying she could have gone further with Joey Graziaedi. Nick’s response was “Maria, if you’re wondering why I thought way back when if you could be the villain, you saying, ‘I could have gone farther if I wanted to,’ is the type of energy that would put a target on your back in that type of environment. That’s all it takes. It’s not that complicated.”

He also touched on the fact that while her story about being The Bachelorette is possibly true, it’s never really happened on the show. Most want that opportunity.

What do you think of Nick’s response to Maria? Stay tuned for more updates.

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