Natalie Joy Calls Maria Georgas ‘Delusional’ Over Nick Viall Claim

Maria Georgas/Credit:: Maria Georgas Instagram

A feud might be brewing between Bachelor star Maria Georgas and Natalie Joy after Natalie called Maria “delusional” over Nick Viall claim.

What Did Bachelor Season 28 Star Claim About Nick Viall?

A few months ago, eagle-eyed Bachelor Nations fans spotted an alleged connection between Maria Georgas and Nick Viall. They noticed that he had allegedly ‘liked’ several of her steamy photos from before she was on The Bachelor.

During a recent podcast interview, Maria confirmed that she had known Nick Viall for years. She said that he told her she would be the villain on her season of the show.

Maria made the shocking accusation on the Call Her Daddy podcast that Nick and Ashley Iaconetti may have plotted with Season 28 contestant Sydney Gordon to make sure Maria Georgas got the villain edit.

Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon/Credit: ABC YouTube
Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon/Credit: ABC YouTube

Natalie Joy Calls Maria Georgas ‘Delusional’

Nick Viall and his new wife, Natalie Joy, were out of town on what was supposed to be their honeymoon when the podcast episode dropped. Upon their return from their ruined vacation, the two addressed Maria’s allegations on Nick‘s Viall Files podcast.

Natalie Joy and Nick Viall/Credit: Nick Viall Instagram
Natalie Joy and Nick Viall/Credit: Nick Viall Instagram

Nick said that Maria wasn’t even the villain of Joey’s season. He noted that she was a fan favorite. Natalie Joy jumped in to defend her husband and diss Maria Georgas in the process.

She said, “It’s just giving delusional, honestly, at the end of the day.”


Fans Slam Maria’s ‘Cringe’ Response

It seems as though Maria Georgas did not appreciate being called delusional. The former child star took to her Instagram with a sassy response to the insult from Natalie Joy.

She shared a gif of rapper Drake shimmying unbothered underneath text that said “my honest reaction:.”

Many Bachelor Nation Reddit fans were on Maria’s side in the feud until she shared the Drake meme. The rapper has been under fire in recent years amid allegations of grooming teenage girls, including actress Millie Bobby Brown.

He hasn’t been formally accused or convicted of anything. Maria Georgas previously revealed her personal connection to the music star.

Check out some of the comments on Reddit about Maria using a Drake gif:

  • Maria is kinda corny for posting this (Drake) at this time
  • Kinda cringe, there would be more power in silence
  • Does she think she ate with that?
  • Does Maria know anything that‘s going on in pop culture because posting funny Drake memes is definitely not the move right now…?
  • I think it’s time for her to fade away.

Whose side are you on in the brewing feud? Do you think Maria using a Drake gif was ‘cringe’? Sound off in the comments.

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