Did Nick Viall And Maria Georgas Ever Hook Up?

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy/Credit: Instagram

Maria Georgas finally granted an interview after Season 28 of The Bachelor, and boy, did she spill some tea. She revealed why she turned down Bachelorette. But it was her comments about her relationship with Nick Viall that raised eyebrows. Were they just friends or did they once hook up? Keep reading to see what she had to say about it.

Maria Georgas Dishes On Nick Viall Connection

Eagle-eyed Bachelor Nation fans thought they spotted a huge sign that Nick Viall knew Maria Georgas before she was a contestant on Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor. According to the sleuths, Nick had liked and then unliked some of Maria’s sexy photos.

Maria Georgas/Credit: Maria Georgas Instagram
Maria Georgas/Credit: Maria Georgas Instagram

During her interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Maria Georgas confirmed that there is history between her and Nick. While she didn’t address the photo situation, Maria admitted that she and Nick were flirtatious toward each other.

Just how far did it go?

Did They Ever Hook Up?

Maria Georgas seemed hesitant to speak too much about what happened between her and Nick Viall. She mentioned several times that he’s a happily married man now. The former Bachelor married Natalie Joy on April 27, 2024.

Us Weekly noted that Maria told a story from seven years ago that involved Nick. So, it seems the Bachelor Nation stars have known each other for quite a while.

But according to Maria, they never hooked up and have only ever been friends.

Audio of Maria describing her history / “friendship” with Nick
byu/Ok-Needleworker9229 inthebachelor

Do Bachelor Nation fans buy it?

Bachelor Nation Fans React

Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to discuss Maria’s revelations regarding Nick Viall. Many comments dissed his behavior as “creepy.”

But do they believe they never hooked up? Check out some of the comments and see for yourself:

  • they hooked up and were friends with benefits for sure because it would have been SOOOOO easy to just say “friends, its a friendship”
  • I don’t understand the timeline of Nick flirting with Maria. He’s been with Natalie for 6 years. Was he basically stepping out on Natalie and flirting with Maria?
  • So it was not platonic. This is so weird. I really hope Nick addresses this … I want to hear his side of the story
  • I don’t like if she lied saying “they didn’t hook up” because all signs point to that, but i guess given he just got married and has a newborn she might feel like it’s a white lie?

As you can see, numerous Bachelor Nation fans think Maria isn’t telling the whole story about her past with Nick.

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