Maria Georgas Opens Up About Her Connection To Rapper Drake

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Maria Georgas has been spilling tea on various podcasts this week. Her latest revelation is her special connection with rapper Drake. How does she know him?

Plus, is she feuding with Ashley Iaconetti after a serious allegation?

Ashley Iaconetti Denies Responsibility For Villain Edit

When Maria Georgas was on the Call Her Daddy podcast earlier this week, she dropped a serious allegation against Nick Viall and Ashley Iaconetti.

She accused the Bachelor Nation alums of being in cahoots with Sydney Gordon to create drama with Maria Georgas. Nick Viall allegedly told Maria that she was going to be the villain edit in Season 28.

Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon/Credit: ABC YouTube
Maria Georgas and Sydney Gordon/Credit: ABC YouTube

And he was right. Maria feuded with several of the women in the house. particularly with Sydney. The feud ended in Joey Graziadei sending Sydney home after an awkward two-on-one date with Maria. Sydney and Maria later cleared the air on the Women Tell All special.

Nick Viall has been dealing with a nightmare honeymoon, so Ashley I addressed Maria’s comments on her Almost Famous podcast.

She admitted that she’s good friends with Sydney Gordon but said Nick “has absolutely no relationship with Sydney.”

Ashley added, “It’s not an accurate theory whatsoever” about Maria’s claim.

While Maria Georgas may be on the outs with Nick Viall and Ashley Iaconetti, she counts a famous rapper as a friend.

Maria Georgas Opens Up About Her Connection To Rapper Drake

Maria Georgas also chatted with Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast this week. Serena asked Maria about her rumored connection to the rapper Drake.

The Bachelor Season 28 alum confessed that they are friends. So, how does she know him? She used to date one of his friends and business partners. “He owned a restaurant with Drake in Toronto,” Maria said about her ex.

Both Maria and Drake are Canadian. “I got to meet Drake and know him through my ex.” she revealed.

Maria went on to gush, “Drake is the most amazing person. He is so kind and so sweet.”

Maria, Joey and Serena realized they were all at the same restaurant opening in Toronto before Maria was on The Bachelor. “My friend Peter worked with Kaitlyn Bristowe,” Maria revealed.

It’s no surprise that Maria Georgas hobnobs with famous people. After all, she was a child actress who starred in The Pacifier alongside Vin Diesel.

Does it surprise you that Maria Georgas is friends with Drake? Sound off in the comments.

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