‘Golden Bachelorette’ Fans Disapprove Of Joan Vassos Casting

Joan Vassos/Credit: ABC YouTube

Joan Vassos was named as the first Golden Bachelorette earlier this week. But some long-time fans of the franchise disapprove, why? And who did they want instead? Keep reading for all the details.

Golden Bachelorette Fans Disapprove Of Joan Vassos Casting

ABC made an unexpected casting announcement earlier this week. When unveiling its fall schedule, the network also unveiled the first Golden Bachelorette: Joan Vassos. They previously announced in February plans for the Golden Bachelor spinoff with a female lead.

Some fans worried that Gerry Turner’s scandalous past or quickie divorce from Theresa Nist would affect the spinoff. But so far, fans are all-in on a Golden Bachelorette show.. just not with Joan Vassos as the lead.

Joan Vassos and other 'Golden Bachelor' contestants/Credit: ABC YouTube
Joan Vassos and other ‘Golden Bachelor’ contestants/Credit: ABC YouTube

Some Bachelor Nation viewers barely remember her. She left within the first few episodes amid a family emergency. ABC did bring her back for the Women Tell All special to explain her decision to leave. Perhaps that should have been the first clue that the network was leaning toward her as Golden Bachelorette.

Fans took to Reddit to share their reaction to the Golden Bachelor alum’s plum new role. Check out some of the disapproving comments:

  • I liked Joan. But I would’ve rather seen someone else, she gives the same kind of boringness that Gary gave in my opinion. Would’ve much rather seen Edith, Sandra or Ellen they’ve got captivating personalities. Or even Susan who I wasn’t a huge fan of
  • for the life of me I can’t remember who this is. they had SO MANY awesome choices for the lead and they chose her? not insulting her I’m sure she’s absolutely lovely and she’s beautiful but I legit can’t remember her at all and I watched the entire season. I just don’t understand the producers’ choices of this franchise…….

Wanted Another Alum Instead

If they disapprove of Joan Vassos, who did they want as the first Golden Bachelorette? Opinions on that vary, but several fans thought that runner-up Leslie Fhima earned the role after getting her heart stomped on by Gerry Turner.

Leslie Fhima via youtube 2
Leslie Fhima Via YouTube

“I won’t lie I wanted Leslie so bad. She has the look the personally and deserved this opportunity. Very disappointed not her. However I do like Joan and she was definitely my second choice,” – Reddit user.

Does that mean disgruntled fans won’t tune in? Some fans will always be unhappy with the choices the producers make, but often tune in anyway. We’ll see if the ratings reflect Joan’s popularity or any damage Gerry Turner’s behavior did to the franchise.

What about you? Are you happy with Joan Vassos as the first Golden Bachelorette? Sound off in the comments.

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