Leslie Fhima Bitter Over ‘Golden Bachelorette’ Announcement?

Leslie Fhima/Credit: ABC YouTube

Golden Bachelor star Joan Vassos was named the historic first Golden Bachelorette. Is Gerry Turner’s runner-up, Leslie Fhima, bitter over the snub? Or is she responsible for the network choosing someone else?

Golden Bachelor Runner-Up Passed Over For Spinoff

Many people thought Leslie Fhima was a shoo-in for the first-ever Golden Bachelorette. After all, she was one of the two finalists on the first season of The Golden Bachelor.

Viewers felt empathy for her. Especially as they watched her heart break when Gerry Turner told her she wasn’t the right one for him. Whose heart didn’t hurt when Leslie said she’s never the right one for anyone?

Leslie Fhima
Leslie Fhima/Credit: YouTube

She clearly wasn’t the right one for ABC to choose to lead the inaugural season of the Golden Bachelorette. That honor went to Joan Vassos, the 61-year-old widow who left the show early due to a family crisis.

Bachelor Nation fans wonder how Leslie Fhima took the news that she was once again not the final choice.

Leslie Fhima Bitter Over Golden Bachelorette Announcement?

Some fans celebrated the announcement, but others expressed reservations over getting emotionally invested in the reality dating show after what happened with Gerry Turner. He proposed to Theresa Nist after sending Leslie home. The senior couple married two months after the finale aired but their marital bliss was short-lived.

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner/Credit: Joan Vassos Instagram
Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner/Credit: Joan Vassos Instagram

In one of the fastest breakups in the franchise, Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist announced their divorce three months after the wedding, which aired nationwide on ABC. Leslie Fhima shut down speculation that she might reconcile with Gerry Turner.

But some fans wondered if her bitter attitude was the reason ABC went with Joan Vassos as Golden Bachelorette instead. Leslie Fhima received a lot of backlash in March after a guest appearance on Season 28 of The Bachelor.

Along with Golden Bachelor contestants Susan Noles and Sandra Mason, Leslie was recruited to share words of wisdom with Joey Graziadei’s final three. Many fans of the show thought Gerry Turner’s second-place winner was overly negative with her advice to eventual winner Kelsey Anderson. In fact, they described Leslie as “bitter” over the breakup.

Leslie Fhima was brought up on a Reddit thread discussing Theresa Nist’s reaction to Joan Vassos as the Golden Bachelorette.

One Bachelor Nation fan wrote, “I’m more curious what Leslie thinks. Is she angry that she ruined her chances on Joey’s season by seeming too bitter?” Another added that the reality star seemed “V V V V BITTER” about the split from Gerry Turner.

Credit: Reddit
Credit: Reddit

It’s possible that Leslie Fhima was offered The Golden Bachelorette but turned it down like Maria Georgas and Daisy Kent turned down the lead role of Season 21 of The Bachelorette.

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