Theresa Nist Reacts To ‘Golden Bachelorette’ Announcement

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Joan Vassos was announced this week as the Golden Bachelorette. Theresa Nist was among the co-stars from Golden Bachelor shared their thoughts. How did Gerry Turner’s ex react to the news?

Theresa Nist Reacts To Golden Bachelorette Casting Announcement

Theresa Nist is unexpectedly single months after marrying Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner. Some fans speculated she may try to find love again on The Golden Bachelorette. However, ABC nixed that rumor by announcing who will be the first-ever lead for the spinoff.

'Golden Bachelor' ladies/Credit: Joan Vassos Instagram
‘Golden Bachelor’ ladies/Credit: Joan Vassos Instagram

As everyone figured, it is someone from Gerry Turner’s season. Joan Vassos, who left in Week 3, is will star in the Golden Bachelorette this fall on ABC.

Theresa Nist took to her Instagram to share her reaction and it was a little underwhelming. She shared a set of two photos featuring her and Joan Vassos.

She wrote “My dear friend, Joan, I am so excited for you!!” on the photos. Her reaction was more subdued than Gerry Turner’s.

Credit: Theresa Nist Instagram
Credit: Theresa Nist Instagram

Fans took to Reddit to discuss the upcoming season of The Golden Bachelorette. Several of them expresses reservations about Joan’s season after Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s marriage crashed and burned to quickly. The Golden Bachelor couple announced in April that they were divorcing after three months of marriage.

  • Errr, I just feel like it’ll be hard to have this show and not talk about the failure of the golden bachelor lol
  • Not sure why but I’m not nearly as excited for this as I was when I heard about the Golden Bachelor. Not being negative…..just saying the truth.
  • Rather see a new season of Paradise.

One Redditor brought Gerry Turner’s runner-up Leslie Fhima into the conversation. They wrote, “I’m more curious what Leslie thinks. Is she angry that she ruined her chances on Joey’s season by seeming too bitter?”

What Did Leslie Fhima Say?

Leslie Fhima made an appearance on Season 28 of The Bachelor to share advice with finalist Kelsey Anderson. Many fans took Leslie to task for being overly negative, though Kelsey and Joey Graziadei ultimately got engaged at the end of the season.

So, what does Leslie Fhima make of Joan Vassos as the Golden Bachelorette? She doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings. She shared a picture on her Instagram Story from the Golden Wedding that included Joan Vassos and Nancy Hulkower. “Happy for my friend,” she wrote on the photo.

Credit: Leslie Fhima Instagram
Credit: Leslie Fhima Instagram

Do you agree with some of the Reddit users who aren’t as invested in The Golden Bachelorette as they were about Gerry Turner’s season? Sound off in the comments.

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