Maria Georgas Reveals Why She’s Not Dating After Joey Graziadei

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Bachelor Season 28 alum Maria Georgas revealed why she hasn’t dated anyone since her breakup with Joey Graziadei. Plus, she shared her true feelings about their connection. Keep reading for all the juicy details.

Maria Georgas Reveals True Reason She Almost Left The Bachelor

Maria Georgas made it to the top 4 on Season 28 of The Bachelor before getting sent home. Many fans speculated that Joey Graziadei sent her home because he was sick of her antics. In a revealing interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast, Maria seemed to admit that some of her actions were calculated.

She specifically mentioned the freak out she had over Joey kissing future Bachelorette Jenn Tran. An upset Maria tried to leave the show, but was talked into staying. Now she is sharing the true story behind her attempt to leave.

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She told podcast host Alex Cooper that she was actually good friends with Jenn and wasn’t really upset about the kiss. According to Maria, she had realized at the point that she wasn’t endgame for Joey Graziadei and he wasn’t endgame for her.

So, since she knew she wouldn’t be his final choice, she came up with a plan to fake jealousy and leave the show. Maria added that she “100%” could have gone further than fourth place. However, it wouldn’t have changed the ultimate outcome of Joey Graziadei choosing Kelsey Anderson.

Fans of the show who aren’t fond of Maria took to Reddit to react to the tea she spilled on the podcast. One person wrote, “Could I have gone further? Sure. 100%” … yikes. The arrogance.”

Why She’s Not Dating After Joey Graziadei

Maria Georgas admitted during the interview that she wasn’t right for Joey. “As friends, we were so funny together…I don’t know if I could have given him exactly what he wanted all the time,” she said.

She wasn’t exactly heartbroken when he sent her home, so why isn’t she dating anyone? According to Maria, it’s partly Joey’s fault that she’s still single. “At hometowns, this is where I fully dropped my walls, and then I got sent home,” she explained.


The tea is PIPING HOT 😏 Maria spills all on this weeks episode – remember when she got jealous about how Jenn kissed Joey?

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However, she made it clear that Joey wasn’t a bad guy. “I’ve become accustomed to being disappointed by men — and this has nothing to do with Joey when I talk like this, he was just doing his part in the show, and he had more strong feelings for other women.”

“That’s fine, but I just feel like when I turn to protecting myself where I’m almost self-sabotaging,” she continued.

What do you think of Maria’s comments about her dating life?

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