‘Golden Bachelor’ Sandra Mason Spills Details On Her Real Story

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Sandra Mason may have left The Golden Bachelor, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t spilling some details about her time on the show. Apparently, fans didn’t get to hear her full story while she was on TV. So, now, she’s telling everyone what really happened. Keep reading to learn more about Sandra’s real story and how she got on The Golden Bachelor.

The Golden Bachelor: Sandra Mason

It’s the first-ever season of The Golden Bachelor and women from across the country joined the cast to find love with Gerry Turner. However, there can only be one woman at the end of the day. Unfortunately for Sandra Mason, it wasn’t her. Now though, she’s opening up about her time on the show. According to WSB-TV, fans didn’t get a chance to hear her whole story on the show. So, naturally, they were quick to judge her.

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On the show, it was revealed that Sandra missed her daughter’s wedding to be on the show. While some criticized her for this, she says there was a good reason. Apparently, her son-in-law wouldn’t let her stay for the wedding. Instead, he wanted her to go try and find love.

“Well, of course, you only saw a part of the story, as Andy Rooney said, ‘I’d like to give you the rest of the story.’ But we don’t have time. But there is part of the story that America doesn’t know. I tell you, my son-in-law and my daughter, were the ones who shoved me out the door and said, ‘Go,’ and that’s the truth,” she says.

“He said, ‘Mom, a ceremony is eight minutes.’ He said, ‘Our marriage is forever.’ He said, ‘Go, it doesn’t make sense…’ so I had no choice,” Sandra reveals.

So, it seems even if she wanted to stay for the wedding, her family wasn’t going to let her.

Didn’t find love this time

As noted above, sadly, Sandra wasn’t able to find love with Gerry. She made it to the final six women, however, after narrowing it down to just three, she didn’t make the cut for hometowns. However, despite this, it seems Sandra isn’t letting it get her down. Instead, she’s encouraging about finding love at any age.

“Finding love, companionship, adventure with someone special is not just possible, it’s probable, so don’t give up,” she tells others.

It will be neat for fans to see what’s next for Sandra!

What did you think of Sandra on The Golden Bachelor? Were you sad to see her go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Be sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Bachelor Nation stars.

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  1. Sandra Mason, is a lady that all women, can be proud of her real appearance in the “Golden Bachelor”. I hope she had unforgetable fun, enjoyed the process and left knowing in her heart of hearts, she is now exposed for a new love. The man of her dreams.

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