‘Golden Bachelor’ Fans Think Video Spoiled Gerry Turner’s Winner

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Golden Bachelor fans think a video interview Gerry Turner did may have spoiled who his winner is. Die-hard fans have been trying to determine who it is Gerry chooses to give his final rose to. Did he give it away on accident? Keep reading to find out more.

Did a video really spoil Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner’s winner?

Some fans think a video interview spoiled who Golden Bachelor GerryTurner’s winner is. As of Thursday night, fans know for sure that there are only three women remaining. They are Faith Martin, Leslie Fhima and Theresa Nist. So, which of these ladies do fans think they caught a glimpse of?

In an interview with US Weeklythere is a mirror behind where Gerry is sitting giving his interview. The mirror reveals a reflection of a woman sitting on a white bed. Fans are convinced this woman is Leslie Fhima.

Different fans spoke out and many seem to share the same opinion that it is Leslie. One fan said, “Looks like Leslie.” Another fan said, “I think it’s Leslie, not Theresa.” Still, another claimed it looked like either Leslie or Faith Martin. A fourth fan said, “I see the person, but I can’t make it out. Is it Leslie?”

Others tried to think that perhaps it wasn’t any of the three remaining women. Rather, some think it could be a producer sitting there since he was doing an interview.

Looking at the photos and video below, what do you think?

The final three

Next week, Gerry Turner will be meeting the remaining three ladies’ families. Family visits will look a lot different since the contestants are older with grown children and even grandchildren. Will Gerry get the blessing from the families involved?

After Gerry travels to each of their hometowns, he will narrow his choices down to two. They will then have overnight fantasy suite dates and meet Gerry’s family. After that, he will have to decide who will fit better into his life. Who will he give his final rose to?

Fans will have to wait and see who Golden Bachelor Gerry Turner chooses when his grand finale airs on November 16. Many fans are hoping to hear that they will be filming a Golden Bachelorette as well. So far there has been no solid confirmation.

Gerry Turner/Credit Bachelor Nation YouTube

What do you think of the video above? Is it Leslie or someone else?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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  1. I hope it isn’t Theresa. I can’t even believe she made it this far. It would be a BIG disappointment if he picked her.

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