‘Sister Wives’ Truth Behind Robyn Brown’s Weird Gardening Scene

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Robyn Brown seems to be her own worst enemy on Sister Wives and TLC fans are not afraid to drag her. The gardening scene at her mansion in Season 18 gave them plenty of opportunity to mock Kody Brown’s last remaining wife.

Robyn Brown Won’t Let The Sister Wives Crew In The House?

Sister Wives fans seem to think that many of the scenes filmed outdoors are just a way to keep the film crew out of the house. In fact, many people claim on social media that the place is untidy inside. Or, as it is a big home, some crew members might stray somewhere where they shouldn’t be. However, it seems that a shortage of outdoor activities meant that Kody”s only wife needed to do some gardening.

Robyn Brown and Meri consistently talked outdoors in Season 18. So, many people slammed the TLC couple for doing that. Cold and blocked from the house, it seemed unnecessarily cruel. Bear in mind, that most people think the excuse that Aurora needs protection from the coronavirus seems pathetic at best. After all, you can’t lock someone up forever. So, critics of Sister Wives love to mock her mother who wanted Truely Brown tested for the coronavirus.

Robyn Brown Gardening Seriously Dragged On Social Media

Sister Wives fans enjoyed commenting about the scene where a plant in a pot was subject to the ministrations of Kody’s wife. Wearing an odd sort of office shirt with what seemed to be a “pagan snake skin pattern,” she took out her cutters and started in on it. Some people thought poor plant was obviously a prop by production, and others thought she made herself look silly.

Sister Wives On TLC Robyn Brown Dragged Over Gardening Scene
Sister Wives on TLC – Robyn Brown Dragged Over Gardening Scene – Reddit

On Reddit, Robyn Brown found only mockery as TLC fans sharpened their knives. One person snapped a screenshot and said “I just rewatched- not rosemary. Robyn is just clueless about gardening.” However, that was quite tame compared to others. One commenter who got a good laugh said, “Trimming off perfectly healthy and functional branches like they were Kody’s first three wives and 13 children. Snip, snip.”

Amusing Mockery

Robyn Brown seems to avoid social media at all costs. And after seeing some of the comments about the gardening scene, that’s probably why. One person wrote, “She was trimming them so fast like she’d just done a line of coke. She’s so weird and awkward.”

Meanwhile, another TLC viewer slammed Robyn, saying, “She was mercilessly tearing into the poor plant like it was a kid with head lice back in the day, back when parents were convinced the kids got lice on purpose and it made the family look bad.”

What do you think of the suggestion that Robyn Brown decided to do some gardening to keep the cameras from filming indoors? Did it look like she knew anything about gardening? Surely, she must have known that TLC fans would mock her for it. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and keep coming back for more Sister Wives updates.

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