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Who Really Runs Kody & Robyn Brown’s Household?


Sister Wives fans have always assumed Robyn Brown was the head of her household calling all of the shots and controlling what happens inside of the walls. In fact, TvShowsAce previously reported that eagle-eyed fans spotted a piece of evidence that just doubled down on Robyn (and her nanny Mindy) being in control of everything. Turns out, however, there’s someone else who is actually controlling Robyn and Kody’s household. And, TLC revealed who that was via a new Sister Wives clip on Facebook a few hours ago.

Who is running Robyn and Kody Brown’s household? Scroll down for the details and to check out the clip.

Kody Brown - Robyn Brown - Youtube
Kody Brown – Robyn Brown – Youtube

Who runs Kody and Robyn Brown’s household?

Turns out, the baby of Kody and Robyn Brown’s household is who actually runs things. This information came to light as Kody and Robyn opened up about Ariella staying up all night and sleeping all day. Robyn tells the cameras that their daughter prefers to say up as late as possible and will stay up all night if she’s allowed to do so. Ariella’s parents also confirmed she liked sleeping until noon.


On both Reddit and Facebook, fans were absolutely floored as Robyn and Kody acted as though the situation was out of their control. Fans agreed that a man with so many other children shouldn’t have so much trouble getting Ariella on a bedtime schedule that makes sense. Other fans, however, were quick to point out that Janelle and Christine actually raised most of his children.

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One frustrated fan penned on Facebook: “Why would you allow your small child to dictate when she goes to bed…bad parenting. you don’t allow your child to take a nap at 6pm. Now they are worried about her sleeping. They should have nipped that in the bud a long time ago.”

Other fans chimed in suspecting that Kody and Robyn were spoiling Ariella because she was their final child. For Kody, it was an even bigger deal because none of his wives could give him any more children and he admitted he didn’t feel like he was done having them just yet.

Watch the unseen Sister Wives clip down below:

Does it surprise you that Kody Brown has allowed a child to rule his household? Is Ariella Brown getting spoiled rotten because she’s his last child? What are your thoughts on them allowing Ariella to make big decisions?

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