‘Sister Wives’ Fans Say Kody Brown Divided Wives Intentionally

Kody Brown Sister Wives - TLC - YouTube

Sister Wives star Kody Brown lost three of his wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine Bown, but did he intentionally divide them and that backfired? TLC fans think that if they were divided, then they couldn’t form a united front against him, which would have wounded his ego no end.

Sister Wives Star Kody Brown Wanted Control

TLC fans know that at one stage, Janelle Brown wouldn’t even drive in a car with Meri. Meanwhile, Christine and Meri also had their issues. As time went by it became obvious that Robyn Brown wasn’t a friend to any of them, although Meri thought she was for a bit.

Meri and Robyn Brown - Sister Wives TLC YouTube
Meri and Robyn Brown – Sister Wives TLC YouTube

Most TLC fans believe that Kody Brown’s favorite wife, Robyn just pretended to like Meri so she could play her like a puppet. Actually, the only wives who became friendly were Christine and Janelle, and that seemed to deepen more in Flagstaff. Interestingly, they were the first two to kick him to the curb. It seems like their spiritual husband could no longer control them.

Sister Wives Fans Discuss Kody Dividing The Wives

On Reddit, an OP floated an idea about the TLC patriarch that got a lot of engagement. Actually, it was very long, but the main points were:

If he wants to be fawned over and to have sex every night, 🤢 he needs to make each wife believe his marriage with her is the most special…If he’s a teenage meangirl, he’s going to do that by pitting the women against one another, so they only share, and talk through him … so he could control it…That would also keep the women from wanting to pitch in and help, or do things with, one another’s kids….I think he created soooo much of that chaos as a strategy.

Christine and Janelle Brown Became friends - ET - YouTube
Christine and Janelle Brown Became Friends – ET – YouTube

Kody Brown’s adult kids, the TLC fan added, “[got the] chance to compare stories and realize that their dad was talking out of both sides of his mouth depending on which wife he was with when he said it.”

TLC Fans Discuss Divide & Rule Tactics

In the discussion that followed, most Sister Wives fans believed that indeed, Kody Brown had played a divide-and-rule game. Here are some opinions:

  • If they don’t like each other they don’t gang up on him. Yes.
  • He was enraged that Janelle and Christine formed a bond in Flagstaff. They created the family culture Robyn wanted to lead but no one liked her. Yes, I think he interfered in their relationships.
  • I believe he said as much on the show.
Robyn Brown Is Kody Brown's Only Wife Now - TLC - Sister Wives
Robyn Brown Is Kody Brown’s Only Wife Now – TLC – Sister Wives

What are your thoughts about Kody Brown? Do you agree that he deliberately divided the wives so they couldn’t gang up on him? Are you glad that he seemed to fail dismally with polygamy? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Sister Wives news.

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