Is Kody Brown The Most Hated TLC ‘Villain?’

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Sister Wives fans agree that there isn’t much to like about Kody Brown. From his bad hair to the way he’s spoken to each of his wives on television, he has become easy to dislike. However, is Kody Brown the most hated TLC “villain” of all time? Keep reading and let us know what you think.

Kody Brown Is In His ‘Villain Era’

There have been some astounding TLC “villains” over the years. People love to hate Big Ed and, more recently, Garrick Merrifield. Over the years, viewers have really come to loathe Kody Brown though.

When fans first met the Brown family, they seemed like a fairly happy bunch. You could even argue that Kody Brown loved his four wives at that point in time. On TV, he seemed to be understanding, forgiving, and open. He was considerate and patient.

The man viewers see in later seasons appears to be night-and-day different though. Kody has become irritable and angry. His overall changes in demeanor led to him losing his first three wives. Quickly, the family dissolved in front of fans’ eyes and Kody Brown entered his “villain era.”

Kody Brown and Robyn Brown - YouTube/TLC

Some of the things that have made it easy to hate the Sister Wives patriarch involve how he speaks to his wives (and now ex-wives). There have been multiple times where he has called the women out for “sh*t-talking” him when they were simply venting. He has always preached that loyalty was the most important thing to him for his family. However, he never gave his wives any loyalty in return.

In fact, it seemed to be the exact opposite. Kody Brown has often been caught talking badly about his wives, save for Robyn Brown. At one point, he even called Janelle Brown “lazy” during a heated argument. Janelle is not only a mother of six, but she has also been one of the only wives in the family to earn a consistent paycheck over the years. ‘

His Kids Don’t Talk To The Sister Wives Star

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about the peak of Kody Brown’s “villain era” though. He tried to place some pretty strict rules over his wives and children during the pandemic. When Janelle and Christine Brown did not want to move into one house on their property, he threw a fit on television. Kody called them both “two princesses giving ultimatums.”

Similarly, the Sister Wives star has torn apart his relationships with his older children. There have been multiple instances where he failed his kids, including when he neglected to accompany his daughter Ysabel to her back surgery. Any time any of his kids question him, he just cuts them off and moves on.

Kody Brown - YouTube/TLC

Before his death in March, Kody and Garrison Brown were estranged and had not been in contact for a long time. Maddie Brown and Leon Brown don’t want anything to do with him.

As if that isn’t enough, Kody Brown simply refuses to admit when he is wrong, which is probably his worst trait. Even if there is something that he did wrong, he will always try to place blame on his kids or wives.

What do you think? Is Kody Brown the most hated person on TLC? Let us know in the comments.

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