Will Robyn Brown Allow Truely To Have A Room In Her House?

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Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has never been the sacrificing kind. As an aftermath of their separation, Kody Brown and Christine Brown discuss the dynamics of their relationship with Truely. While Kody suggests that he would love to have Truely at Robyn’s home and get her a separate room, would Robyn really be open to the idea? Will she really share her home with one of Christine’s kids? Let’s find out!

Kody Brown Asks Christine Brown For 50-50 Custody Of Truely

During their conversation, Kody assures Christine that Truely will definitely get her own room at Robyn’s house whenever she visits him. He also added that he wanted 50/50 custody of his kids. The 53-year-old went on to lie about the state taking Truely away if they don’t come to an agreement. He even said that he wanted to get lawyers involved to confirm the custody agreements.

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Although Christine seemed excited about Kody trying to spend more time with Truely, fans wonder how Robyn would react to the arrangement. On a clip from the show shared on TLC’s Instagram page, fans reacted to this very conversation regarding Truely getting her own room.

One wrote, “Kody you lost all my respect when you did not go to your daughter’s surgery that was very dangerous. You could have quarantined and you are half a man.”

“Total narcissism at its finest!” said another.

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A third answered Kody’s question where he wondered why he hasn’t spent a lot of time with Truely. They responded, “You haven’t because she wasn’t a priority like Robyn and her kids.”

Will Robyn Brown Sacrifice Her Comfort To Accommodate Truly?

However, one Sister Wives fan questioned if Robyn would really let Truely stay at her house and wrote, “The real question is how will Queen Robyn feel about making a room for Truely? I never seen her ‘sacrifice’ or do things for the other sister wives’ children.”

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Yet another disagreed and commented in support of Robyn stating, “Not true, but that’s just the way you want to remember it because fits your agenda better. Mykelti used to live there. So did Aspyn.”

A third responded, “She had them live there solely to be her nanny!”

Robyn Brown Doesn’t Like Truely To Be Around Her Kids

Ever since the pandemic started, Robyn has tried her best to keep her kids away from Truely. Sister Wives Season 16 even had some scenes where Solomon and Christine’s young one tried to play together.

However, they were scolded by Robyn and Kody for not maintaining the six-foot distance. Fans on Reddit even pointed out Robyn’s resentment towards Truely as one wrote, “Also, I don’t think Robyn likes her being around much. I think Robyn’s kids probably like Truely just fine. But Robyn practically had meltdowns when her kids would play with Truely multiple times.”

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Does Robyn really dislike Christine’s young one or was the resentment just because of the COVID pandemic? Finally, will she get Truely a separate room whenever she visits her father? Share your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

Allie Johnson


  1. I’m waiting for Kody, to say, what he said to Jenelle’s boy’s. About when there 18, they need to move out to Robyn’s kids?? Yea, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. The rules apply to everyone else’s kids, but Robyn’s!! Kody, Meri, and Robyn just need to go away. Jenelle’s & Christine are awesome, and they did a wonderful job raising such terrific kids~

  2. if I was Christine I would not allow Kody to take Truely out of her town because he would use that to take her from Christine. And Robyn and older children (Aurora) would mistreat her because we all know Aurora attitude she is snooty.

  3. I no longer watch nor will I watch this show. Kody. and he alone has ruined it for me. Regardless of what you think of Robyn, KODY is responsible for the loveless marriages, horrible communication, selfish decissions and distrust. We have watched since the first episode but I will not watch this arrogant prig expect his wives and chdren to put up with his narcissistic behavior. I’ll wait for Sister Wives After Kody

    1. That was my thought too. I do disagree with some of Robyn’s doing.
      I hope Christine will get legal advice ASAP. Watching Kody react and care about himself showing all this anger was extremely uncalled for. The children can see & feel all of the negatively. Kody is a grown man why would he put the kids in the middle Especially Truely. I think if he were to get 50/50 he would question Truely and keep her in the middle of his “patriarch” tantrum. He’s angry bc he didn’t have a decision in Christine’s move.

  4. Is my opinion is Cody has what they call emotional immaturity. I heard something about emotional immaturity online from a psychologist.

  5. Is my opinion is Cody has what they call emotional immaturity. I heard something about emotional immaturity online from a psychologist.

  6. Why can’t Robyn offer a room for Janelle and her daughter? Since some of Janelle $$$ went into Robyn house!

    Or pay her back her deposit !

  7. well I think some of the producer need to start asking Robin and kody some of the questions the fans want to know. like why has Robin gotten such a big house, and why does Janelles Boyd have to move out out and why does Robin’s girls get to stay in their home. I don’t know but seems like no one is asking these questions.

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