Could Christine & Kody Brown Really Lose Truely To The State?

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Kody Brown has no idea about his future with his daughter, Truely. This was once again addressed in the latest episode of Sister Wives. Due to the fact that he and Christine were never legally married, the custody arrangements are unclear. Out of fear, Kody pulled some ideas out of nowhere. Yet, what really would happen to Truely in the long run? Read on for more details.

Can Christine & Kody Brown Lose Truely To The State?

While discussing custody with Christine, Kody started to get nervous about his rights. The reality is that he and Christine never legally got married. Their 1994 marriage was a spiritual union only recognized in their church. Therefore, this is something that must be decided by the two of them. However, Kody feels that, as a man, he has no chance of getting what he wants. As for Christine, she believes that if Kody really wanted to be with his children, he could have all along. Yet, he has rarely participated in their lives for years so why now? It is only because Christine revealed that she is taking Truely with her to Utah.

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Kody brings up the idea of the ‘manosphere’ and then he says that if they don’t come up with a solution, Truely becomes property of the state. Christine looks at Kody with these wide eyes. Reddit was shocked by how little knowledge Kody had of the legal system and they expressed their feelings in a thread. “I hope they bring a lawyer on to explain reality to Kody. I’d love to watch him argue his made up nonsense with a real attorney,” one person noted.

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Another went on to add: “Kody has the nerve to accuse anyone of gaslighting as he “gets creative” about child custody laws that don’t exist!” Similarly, someone else stated: “The mental gymnastics this idiot goes through. If we don’t have a custody agreement, then legally the state owns the child? YOU AREN’T MARRIED THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN THE CASE FOR THE LAST 20 PLUS YEARS. Freaking moron.”

What Happens To Truely?

Clearly, it seems that Kody Brown as well as Christine should just consult a lawyer so that they know their rights. Neither one is abandoning Truely so why would he even think she would go to the state? Furthermore, why would he bring something like that up? It appears that Kody is so terrified of Christine moving on that he will use whatever he can to halt her. He even tries to claim he has an aversion to Utah but it’s really a fear of being rejected by a wife.

Do you think Kody Brown has any clue what a custody arrangement is? Was he wrong to bring up Truely getting handed over to the state? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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