‘BIP’ Kevin Wendt Shares Exciting Future Baby Plans

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt via Instagram

BIP’s Kevin Wendt dispensed some parenting advice and more in a recent Q&A. He and Astrid Loch welcomed Nash Lochland on October 7 and revealed him to the public on October 8. The Bachelor in Paradise alums were overwhelmed with congrats from Bachelor Nation cast members and fans.

Kevin Wendt & Astrid Are A Bachelor In Paradise Success

The couple who starred in Season 5 of Bachelor in Paradise welcomed their first child, August just under two years ago. Of course, when a baby comes along, it turns the lives of their parents upside down. Above all, sleep becomes the most precious gift they can ask for. This time around, they knew what to expect with Nash. Still, each child is different.

Kevin Wendt tied the knot with Astrid, and they seem to be a massive success story for  Bachelor in Paradise. Admittedly, they broke up briefly but after they got together again, it seemed clear that they were destined to be together. Now they are the proud parents of two, he’s opening up about parenting, and dispensing a bit of advice.

Kevin Wendt Does A Q&A For Bachelor Nation Fans

Recently, Astrid’s husband took to his Instagram Stories and did a Q&A. Bachelor Nation reported that he discussed “parenting, future planning, and more.” Sweetly, he spoke about what he loves about his wife. He said, “Too many things to count, but seeing her these last 23 months as a mom has been the greatest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. The Wendt boys are a lucky bunch!”

Bachelor in Paradise Kevin Wendt dispenses parenting advice and more - Instagram
Bachelor in Paradise – Kevin Wendt dispenses parenting advice and more – Instagram

Kevin Wendt’s boys are lucky to have parents who love each other. They sometimes discuss more children, but in his Q&A, the Canadian-based dad explained that for now. two boys seem like just enough. After all, both of them struggle with a lack of sleep right now. Dishing some advice, he told one follower, “The best advice I got from senior firemen was to take all the time with fam you can, you can always get more but, but never more time of them.”

When asked about more children, he shared that plan as well. Here is what he had to say:

“We go back and forth on this daily. We have one embryo left in the freezer and I doubt Astrid will go through another egg retrieval, so either two or three kids. We have been up since 3:45 a.m., so for today, two kids are enough lol.”

Sleep When Baby Sleeps Only Works With Child No. 1

Kevin Wendt explained that babies do sleep odd hours. However, he told his Bachelor Nation followers that it only works to sleep when the baby sleeps with the first baby. He noted, “…adding the second kid is wayyyy harder than having the first. Sleep when your baby sleeps is no longer a thing when the two year old wakes up at 6 a.m. and chooses chaos.”

How is August reacting to Nash? According to his dad, his firstborn is very affectionate with the baby and loves to “kiss him.”

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