Astrid Loch Details How Relationship With Kevin Wendt Isn’t The Same

Most parents would agree that life changes a lot when you have children. Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt have learned that since welcoming their son August. The couple’s son, affectionately called Auggy will be almost a year old when they get married in October.

The couple who met on Bachelor in Paradise is one of the fans’ favorite success stories. Despite breaking up on the show, they reconnected soon after and became inseparable.

Astrid moved to Canada for Kevin. Kevin won the first season of The Bachelorette in Canada and Astrid was on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. They’re over the moon with their child and have been very open about sharing their issues with fertility and the struggle to get pregnant. Now, Astrid is talking about how the baby has changed their relationship.

Astrid Loch Says Her Relationship Dynamics Are Different

According to Bachelor Nation, Astrid Loch answered questions about her relationship and the baby on Instagram. Loch said one big thing that changed when they had August was what they do in the house. She said, “Kevin has totally taken over dog care, cooking, and groceries.” She said he’s taken over the little stuff so she can be a better mom.

Astrid Loch, Instagram
Astrid Loch, Instagram

Loch said the beginning was difficult because they didn’t have a lot of time for their relationship. Now, she says the baby is sleeping through the night, so they can get “that quality time back.” She also said both their mothers will be visiting this summer, so they can go out together again.

She said when you’re pregnant, you should plan more date nights and things to do with your partner. It is a lot more difficult to fit them in after the baby comes. Loch said she and Kevin have become more of a team now that they have a baby.

She Answered Questions About August Too

Astrid Loch was happy to answer any questions fans had for her. One fan wanted to know what the baby was learning. Astrid said Auggy is curious about most food she’s let him try. He doesn’t like peas and she’s been making him some of her own mixes to try.

Astrid Loch, Instagram
Astrid Loch, Instagram

She also said he’s really close to crawling. Bachelor Nation stars and fans have showered all of Loch’s pictures on Instagram with love. Amanda Stanton and John Paul Jones left emojis. Raven Gates said, “omg he’s so cute.” Lots of fans think he looks just like Kevin. One said, “Oh gosh, You can certainly tell who His Daddy Is Astrid. Lol. What a lil cutie.”

What do you think about Astrid’s thoughts on relationships and motherhood? Do you think August looks more like Astrid or Kevin? Do you think she gave some good advice? Comment with your thoughts down below. Come back to Tv Shows Ace for all things Bachelor.

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