Kevin Wendt Seeks Canadian Advice Amid His Queen Becoming A Resident

Kevin Wendt, Instagram

Kevin Wendt shared big news about his life with his Instagram fans. Fans know he and Astrid Loch are expecting their first child after a trying fertility process. Along with cute pictures of their dog and Astrid’s bump they shared they’d bought a house. When they found out about the baby Kevin shared the news. He said, “happy 1st Mother’s Day to my queen. This is a very big day for us, after a long and tough road to get here.”

Because of Corona, the couple had to postpone their wedding. Kevin and Astrid met in Paradise after their own Bachelor nation adventures. Kevin was on Bachelor Winter Games with Ashley Iaconnetti. Astrid was one of the contestants of Nick Viall’s season. Kevin is proud to share, he’s now a full Canadian citizen.

What Did Kevin Wendt Say About Canada?

Kevin Wendt is pleased because his fiance, Astrid is now a permanent resident of Canada. He said, “please say congrats to my queen Astrid.” Kevin said the process was long and exhausting. According to Canada.CA to become a citizen, you have to live in Canada for at least three years, pass a citizenship test, and prove language skills in French or English.

Kevin and Astrid via Instagram
Kevin and Astrid via Instagram

He asked friends from Canada to comment on their favorite part about being a native Canadian, which he is. Astrid commented and said, “you, beaver tails, healthcare, and the friendliness of all.” Beavertails are a Canadian donut according to The Culture Trip. It’s flat and shaped like a beavertail. It can be decorated with delicious toppings much like an American donut, but there’s a lot more of it.

A fan commented her favorite thing is, “that Canadian maternity leave.” Another said, “We have a beautiful and very friendly country. And, if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes!” Many fans said universal healthcare meant having a baby in Canada would be free. One remarked they stayed in the hospital three days and only paid for parking.

Fans Love The Couple And Wish Them Well

Kevin Wendt shared a photo of Astrid’s bump, himself, and their dog on Instagram. Their little puppy Ace has been with them for a year. He is soaking up all the attention before his baby brother or sister arrives. Wendt captioned the photo, “the first of a many selfies together.” Fans love it and shared their well wishes with the couple.

One said, “you guys were my favorite on paradise happy for you.” Another said, “what a lovely photo, beautiful family.” While Canada does have its own leg of the Bachelor franchise, there hasn’t been a new episode in years. That’s why contestants like current frontrunner Blake Moynes are coming to the US to find love. What do you think about Astrid becoming a Canadian citizen? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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