‘Teen Mom:’ Jenelle Evans Drops Ban Hammer On Followers, Why?

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MTV’s Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans went live on her TikTok account briefly just to warn her followers she was dropping a serious ban hammer on everyone. Was she mass-blocking her followers over the intense situation involving CPS, her husband David, and her 14-year-old Jace? Or, was she referring to something else entirely?

Fortunately, several fans caught the very brief live stream and gave everyone else a run-down of exactly what happened via Reddit. Keep reading for the scoop.

Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans Drops Ban Hammer On Followers, Why?

During a brief live stream, Jenelle Evans of MTV’s Teen Mom informed her followers she would be dropping a serious ban hammer. A ban hammer on her comments to be more specific. The former reality TV star explained that one way, or another, people would get her son Jace’s name out of their mouth.

So, she decided she was going to censor her comments on TikTok. For those who are unfamiliar with the platform, TikTok has pretty detailed censor settings set up for creators. Janelle can go into her privacy settings on her account and she can have the platform automatically filter comments containing certain words. This way she can block people from leaving comments about her son Jace.

Jenelle Evans-Instagram
Jenelle Evans-Instagram

Per fans on Reddit who tuned into the live stream, Jenelle Evans explained she hoped this ban hammer would stop her TikTok videos from being flooded with “mean comments.”

Worried What Her Children Will Say On Video?

Toward the end of her TikTok stream, fans claim Jenelle Evans said she had to get off live because she could hear Kaiser waking up. The MTV alum added that she needed to go get breakfast cooked for the family. Moreover, she admitted she didn’t want to live stream with her children around because “kids say the darndest things.”

One Teen Mom fan asked the OP if Jenelle actually said she wanted to get off live because “kids say the darndest things.” The OP confirmed that was exactly what the former Teen Mom star said as she ended her broadcast.

Jenelle Evans Instagram Feature
Jace, Kaiser, Jenelle, Ensley-Instagram

On Reddit, fans agreed it was painful that Jenelle didn’t realize she needed to “shut her mouth” and step out of the spotlight for now. Instead, fans agreed she was “digging her own grave” by continuing to spew nonsense on social media. Here’s what some other fans had to say:

  • “YES! She really digs her own grave!!”
  • “It seems so painfully obvious to everyone else that she should lay low and keep her mouth shut right now”
  • “How do they know he’s awake all the way from the shed though…. That’s how i know she’s lying.”
  • “Tell me you don’t have your kids and are on a binge without telling me.”

Teen Mom fans begged Jenelle Evans to stay off social media and get her life together. Most agreed they had a hard time believing Jenelle and David had custody of any of their children right now.

Jenelle Evans | Instagram
Jenelle Evans | Instagram

Do you think Jenelle and David still have any of their children within their home? Moreover, do you think she needs to take a step back from social media for the time being? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Teen Mom news.

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