Concerns Raised For Jenelle Evans’ Youngest Son Amid Jace Drama

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Concerns have been raised for Jenelle Evans’ youngest son, Kaiser amid all of the Jace drama. The Teen Mom alum shares the nine-year-old with her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith. While he has a rough track record, the assault allegations against Jenelle’s husband, David Eason are not boding well right now. Read on for more details.

Concerns Raised For Jenelle Evans’ Youngest Son Amid Jace Drama

Jenelle Evans had a heated relationship with Nathan Griffith. Together, they welcomed a son, Kaiser, and even got engaged but it ended and Nathan has since repeatedly been in hot water. Now, with Jenelle and her husband, David Eason under a microscope for her eldest son, Jace constantly running away, it has caused some pause. Along with the questions as to why he keeps leaving the home, there is a new allegation that has come out. Jace supposedly claimed that his stepfather, David assaulted him. Therefore, that was what prompted his recent exit from the house.

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Jace, David Eason-Instagram

However, both Jenelle Evans and David Eason have denied these claims. More so, David has preached that they have a great father/son relationship. Unfortunately, that is not enough for those related to Kaiser. According to The Sun, his father’s family is watching the every move of CPS. They want to ensure the safety of Kaiser during this very trying time, especially with what Jace has said about David. Per a source: “Nathan’s family is not surprised one bit about any of this.”

Nathan Griffith - Instagram
Nathan Griffith – Instagram

The source added: “They are upset that Kaiser- and the other kids- have remained in the home after the allegations were made almost a week ago now.” It also seems that this is all too familiar to Nathan’s family. They recalled 2019 when CPS got involved and Kaiser was removed from the home. That was when David had taken the family dog out to the woods, shot, and killed it. It caused Jenelle to temporarily leave the marriage. Yet, Nathan has run into his own struggles with strangulation so he is not exempt from trouble either.

What Happens Next?

Jenelle Evans has made it very clear that she has custody of all of her children. More so, she shared that she shared that Kaiser and her daughter, Ensley are behaving just fine. It is Jace who is running away and she says this time was due to a girlfriend he has. Of course, it seems that no one will know what is really going on with the former Teen Mom star. Jenelle did say that, within a month, she would be able to tell her side of the story. Friends have been begging her to leave David, for the sake of her kids but she seems content with what they have.

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  1. I think people should leave Janelle and the kids alone.Nathan’s Family? LOL are you even serious…that is the pot calling the kettle black!

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