Jenelle Evans Goes On Huge Rant, Says She Still Has Custody

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Jenelle Evans of Teen Mom has been dealing with a lot of issues with her son Jace recently. He has run away three times. Today she went to her Facebook and went on a rant about how she still has custody of her son Jace. This is after reports came out that Jace ran away because David Eason allegedly assaulted him, but Jenelle denied those reports. Find out what she had to say below.

Jenelle Evans Big Rant

Jenelle went on a rant on Facebook and talked for a little over two minutes about what is going on. She said that fans are “gullible” if they are believing what they are reading off websites. She said that her son Jace was never taken from her custody. Jenelle also said she doesn’t know where the rumors are coming from. She revealed that her entire life these rumors have been going around.

One thing that Jenelle Evans wouldn’t reveal is where her son is at right now. She said she has custody of him but never would admit if he was living with her or not.

Jenelle Chooses Happy Content

Jenelle Evans went on to say that she chooses happy content now and that is what she is going to post. She said that she doesn’t put her kids on television anymore even though she did for many years. Jenelle explained that now she chooses what she wants to put out. Now she is putting out happy content over negative content. She also said that she has been checked out and that they have been interviewed.

This Teen Mom star is tired of the rumors and says it is a one-sided story right now. She doesn’t plan to reveal her side of the story for about another month. Right now she is waiting on things to settle down and for Jace to get the privacy that he deserves. She said her kids are “alive” and “thriving.” It will be interesting to see if she continues to rant about what is going on or decides to start posting happy content like she says.

Do you believe Jenelle Evans she still has custody of her son Jace? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts Don’t miss new episodes of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter on MTV on Wednesday nights. Jenelle is not on this new series at this time, but fans would love to see more of her.

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