Jenelle Evans’ Video Of Son, Jace’s Birthday Is Very Revealing

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A video from Jenelle Evans’ son, Jace’s birthday has resurfaced and is very revealing. The Teen Mom alum is gifting her fourteen-year-old with an exciting new toy. Yet, it is what is being said in the background that really tugs at the heartstrings. Read on for more details and to see the video.

Jenelle Evans’ Video Of Son, Jace’s Birthday Is Very Revealing

It has been a crazy few months for Jenelle Evans and her son, Jace. He recently ran away for the third time and it appears that he has yet to return home. In fact, it seems that he does not want to even go home to his mother and her husband, David Eason. Jace alleged that David assaulted him and that was the reason why he ran away for the third time. However, Jenelle and David have both disputed these claims. David went so far as to share photos of him and Jace, showcasing how many good times the two of them have had together.

Jenelle Evans-Instagram
Jenelle Evans-Instagram

Jenelle is adamant that she has custody of her children and that they are very happy. Now, a Reddit thread has started featuring a video from Jace’s birthday has popped up. Redditors now believe there may be more to the video than meets the eye. He is receiving a new dirtbike for his fourteenth birthday a few months back. In the background, Jenelle’s youngest child, Ensley repeatedly can be heard saying how happy she is for her brother.

The OP wrote: “I was looking at her ticktock and this part of jaces birthday video made me tear up… Ensley is so young but yet it’s clear she knows and has whiteness everything jace has been through. That fact she is repeatedly saying “I’m so happy for him” made me tear up.” More so, they wondered what was really going on behind closed doors that no one is aware of. Another person noted that it should have been Jace’s moment but the focus turned to Ensley.

Gifts Means Nothing

Several Redditors believed that Jenelle Evans was just trying to buy her son off. The interesting thing was that she was slammed for initially getting him a smaller bike for his thirteenth birthday. Yet, she went on and got him another upgraded bike possibly because he now officially lives with her. Jenelle gained custody of Jace early this year after her mother, Barbara raised him since he was a baby.  Who knows what will happen next but, as always, it is about ensuring Jace is happy, healthy, and safe.

Did you find anything telling in the video or was it just an average birthday gift? Let us know in the comments below.

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