‘Teen Mom:’ Jenelle Evans DONE Fearing Her Mother’s Tirade

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Jenelle Evans wants the world to know she’s DONE fearing her mother Barbara. Or, at least she did in a post she later decided to delete.

MTV’s Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason have been extremely active on social media as of late. Moreover, their names have been all over media headlines. As MTV fans know, North Carolina’s Child Protective Services (CPS) has even gotten involved in the situation.

Ripping her mother Barbara as a “toxic parent” in a post she later deleted, Jenelle declared she was DONE being afraid of her mother. What did she have to say about her mother in the statement that she later deleted? Keep reading for a recap.

Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans DONE Fearing Her Mother’s Tirade

“I cannot begin to explain how badly my name is being smeared because of false allegations that all came from my mom’s mouth to begin with.” Jenelle penned at the beginning of a lengthy post she later deleted.

The former reality TV star continued to point out that there are always two sides to a story. And, right now, people were only listening to her mother’s side of the story.

Jenelle Evans, however, vowed that she was DONE. She was done allowing her mother to control and distract her. Jenelle admits there was a time when she was deeply afraid of her mother. She, however, is no longer afraid of Barbara. More importantly, she knows her mother doesn’t have control of her life anymore.

“I control my own family and my own sanity. She can use all the third-party tactics she desires but she knows the truth.”

She Begged The Media To Back Off

The MTV star proceeded to beg media outlets to back off of her family and quit running stories on her son, Jace. She insisted that her family needs prayers and support right now. More importantly, for the sake of Jace’s mental health, she needs everyone to leave them alone.

Jenelle Evans added that she talks to detectives “every day” about the situation with her mother. And, the media has the details all wrong.

Presently, the story being told that Jenelle says is wrong is that Jace is in CPS custody to protect him from David Eason. David reportedly assaulted Jace. Furthermore, Jace himself reportedly claimed there is ring camera footage confirming the attack happened.

David Eason-Instagram
David Eason-Instagram

David Eason has also issued a statement via social media claiming everything was a huge misunderstanding. Moreover, he alleged that the details had already been sorted out. Like Jenelle, he also wanted media outlets to back off and give the family privacy.

Teen Mom fans are having a hard time believing this is all a giant misunderstanding because the reports claim Jace himself accused David of assault, not Barbara. What do you think of this situation? Let us know in the comments! And, keep coming back for more updates on Jenelle Evans and her family.

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