‘Teen Mom:’ Jenelle Evans Plots Revenge On Former Co-Stars

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Jenelle Evans of MTV’s Teen Mom franchise reveals she is plotting revenge on her former co-stars. The 31-year-old apologized to her “true fans” before spelling out the details of her plan via her Facebook account. Did the MTV personality share who she was specifically targeting with this plan? And, what did her “true fans” have to say about the plan after learning of it? Keep reading for all the details.

Teen Mom: Jenelle Evans Plots Revenge On Former Co-Stars

MTV’s Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans took to Facebook early this morning to apologize to her fans. Typically, she didn’t stoop to the level of other Teen Mom cast members and post clickbait on her social media profiles. She, however, decided she was going to stoop to their level.

Amid the drama going on involving her mother, her son Jace, and her husband David, some of her co-stars have been making money by sharing news stories about the situation. Jenelle Evans thinks it is disgusting that her former co-stars are making money off of her name. And, she’s decided she wants some revenge.

Jenelle Evans/Facebook

At the very end of her Facebook post, Jenelle Evans specifically called out Jade and Bri. Furthermore, she made it clear in the comments she was coming for them.

I will be posting clickbait again for the time being just to make a point to the other girls on Teen Mom to stop. I have made it a promise that I would stop because of the drama clickbait causes. I’ve stuck to my promise but now I’m breaking it for a little bit.”

Her Facebook post plotting her revenge continued: “These girls acted like my friends and want to comment about my life publicly and make statements, but you don’t reach out privately? You post clickbait about my family that’s not true?! I’m done with the hate campaign against me and my family….”

Fans Questioned Her Choices

In the comments, one fan asked Jenelle why she was going to do it if she didn’t like it. The answer was simple: Money. 

Jenelle explained as she defended her decision: “because they are making money off my name so now I’ll make money off their names.”

Jenelle Evans - Facebook
Jenelle Evans – Facebook

Calling Jenelle Evans “honey,” another fan told her not to stoop to their level. Jenelle, however, believed it was necessary to teach her co-stars a lesson.

A third individual told the MTV personality her decision sounded “petty.” She agreed, it did sound petty. She thought it was just as petty as what Jade and Bri were doing to her.

Jenelle Evans Crucified On Reddit

On Reddit, a fan shared a screenshot of Jenelle’s Facebook post and noted she was a “dumb, twisted, motherf***er.” Other fans agreed this was very much a two wrongs don’t make a right situation.

Jenelle Evans - Facebook
Jenelle Evans – Facebook

Moreover, fans argued that her co-stars post clickbait articles to earn money. So, they are not going to stop or care just because she is upset.

Overall, fans thought Jenelle Evans was acting like a toddler throwing a fit on Facebook. Moreover, they suspected she was hurting for cash right now.

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