Greg Grippo Does It Again To Victoria Fuller

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller via INsta 1

Greg Grippo pranked Victoria Fuller, and he better hope that she sees the funny side because he just did it again. The couple found each other after he was on Katie Thurston’s Bachelorette, and she went on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor.

Greg Grippo And Victoria Fuller Seem To Work Out

After Pilot Pete, Victoria was with Johnny DePhillipo, but that came to an end.  More recently, after hooking up with the prankster, rumors arose that they also split. However, it seems that the Bachelor Nation couple is still going strong. Hopefully, Nick Viall’s positive prediction about them comes to fruition.

Greg Grippo and Victoria finally seem to have something special. It’s well known that she seems to fall in and out of love easily: hence her failing with former Bachelor Chris Soules. Perhaps her previous love interests didn’t have enough sense of humor. After all, she seems okay with the Bachelorette alum’s pranks.

Greg Grippo Pranked Victoria Again

The first time that the Bachelor Nation star pranked Victoria, they were on vacation in Italy. Secretly, he whispered to a waiter to bring him a drink and then say that another woman sent it to him. So, the waiter did that, but couldn’t say where the woman was. Next, Victoria got steamy about that. Snatching the drink, she yelled, “Whoever sent this thanks,” adding, “F–k you!” When he explained it was a prank, she couldn’t get over it.

Bachelor Nation Greg Grippo Pranks Victoria A Second Time Instagram
Bachelor Nation – Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller – Instagram

Greg Grippo did it again and he shared it on TikTok. You can see the video further down in this article. US Weekly noted that “he pretended to flirt with an imaginary woman on a fake phone call. To make it even more believable, he played a fake ring tone while acting like he was answering the call.” In his prank, he talked about how he and the other woman could get together and acted as if he and his “homegirl” would be fine with it.

Bachelor Nation Fans Think It’s Funny

Greg Grippo got some kudos for his prank because the whole time, Victoria acted like she was just scrolling through her phone. But, she heard every word and she gave him a side-eye. However, he realized the joke was up, and they both laughed.



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In the comments section of the video, one appreciative fan said, “I still can’t get over when he sent himself a drink and had the waiter tell them a girl sent him that drink 😭.”

Another follower wrote, “HAHAHAHAHAH her not believing it for a second and him being like haha I was joking.”

What are your thoughts about Greg pranking Victoria Fuller for the second time? Do you think that she’s getting wise to his naughty ways? Shout out in the comments below and come back here for more Bachelor Nation news.

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