Victoria Epically Pranked By Greg Grippo On Vacation

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Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller took a vacation in Italy and there, he pranked her, but she almost turned the tables on him. Johnny DePhillipo’s former flame from Bachelor In Paradise in Mexico nearly fell for it. It came when he tested her jealousy levels in Positano.

Greg Grippo & Victoria Rumors Of A Split

Bachelor Nation fans suspected that the ABC couple split. Remember, on the island, she went with Johnny and accepted his proposal. Later, there was a lot of confusion about her dumping him and running with someone else. But back in July, they stopped posting as much about each other on social media. Anyway, it turned out that fans needn’t have stressed too much,

Greg Grippo and Victoria made no effort to answer questions about whether they split. Naturally, that generated a lot of chatter and people presumed the worst. after all, she flipped off Johnny rather suddenly. Still, it seemed rather uncertain. Now that the couple are on vacation, they seem to enjoy each other’s company. However, they clearly have a few issues as they get to know each other better.

Greg Grippo Pranks Victoria Fuller To Test Her Jealousy Leves?

In June, the news arrived that Victoria had started thinking about planning her engagement. Actually, Bachelor in Paradise fans were a bit skeptical at first. After all, the former lady who failed with Pilot Pete on The Bachelor couldn’t seem to commit to one guy. In fact, Peter Weber had the same problems. This time, it might work as they were friends before they became lovers.

Bachelor In Paradise ABC Victoria Epically Pranked By Greg Grippo On Vacation Instagram
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Greg Grippo seems besotted by Victoria and he even moved to Nashville to be with her. ABC star, Nick Viall predicted that they might speed their relationship along. Actually,  his girlfriend, Natalie Joy seems friendly with Victoria, so they probably talk a lot. 2024 might see them tie the knot and start making a family. If that’s the case, it’s no wonder that Gregg still tests and probes her personality. Neither of them would like to make a mistake.

The Epic Prank

Bachelor in Paradise star Greg Grippo went onto TikTok and shared a video of the prank. US Weekly noted that in it, he’d ordered a drink for himself. However, he told the waiter to bring it to him and say that “another girl” sent it to him. In time, the drink arrived and Victoria Fuller heard the waiter say that they couldn’t really recall where the “[woman] was sitting.” Naturally, Victoria hated that someone was eyeing her man. So, she said, “Imagine if a guy sent me a –king shot. You’d be pissed. You’d be livid.”

Nonetheless, Greg said that he’d drink the shot anyway. Whereupon, Victoria snatched away his drink saying, “Give it to me.” Next, she said that she was going to take it because someone sent it to her man. Peering around the beach, she raised the glass, saying, “Whoever sent this thanks,”  adding, “F–k you!” When he confessed what he’d done, she responded by saying, “Are you–king serious? It didn’t trouble him though. Instead, he just laughed.



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What do you think of Victoria Fuller almost turning the tables? Do you think her jealousy levels were being tested in the prank? Let us know in the comments below and then come back here for more about Bachelor Nation

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