Victoria Fuller Silenced Greg Grippo Split Speculation?

Greg and Victoria via youTube

Rumors have been flying that Bachelor alum Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo broke up. It has been weeks since the two posted anything together after seemingly being with one another nonstop. Yesterday, she posted an Instagram story that has fans speculating. Did she just silence the breakup rumors? Keep reading to find out more and see the photo.

Did Victoria Fuller just silence rumors she and Greg Grippo split?

Speculation has been intense and comments on both Victoria Fuller and Greg Grippo’s social media accounts have been going nuts. Fans are eager to know what is going on with these two. They seemed so sure and so in love. They were always together and even househunting in Nashville.

Then, suddenly, they were not posting together and each was apart doing their own thing. Fans instantly felt like something was off between them. Neither has responded to any fan questions about their relationship status.

However, on Sunday, Victoria shared a few photos on Instagram that have fans talking and possibly even more confused.

Greg Grippo and Victoria Fuller via INsta

She went to Instagram to share a photo of Greg sitting on her couch with her dog. Victoria tagged the photo, Nashville, Tennessee.  She also followed up with a photo of two martinis sitting on a table. However, die-hard fans are digging deep.

Some believe that Victoria posted a photo from January to get everyone off the subject. What do you think?

Victoria and greg via insta with dog

They haven’t been together a full year yet

Victoria and Greg went public with their relationship in the fall of 2022. They were actually speculated to be dating before the Bachelor in Paradise finale even aired. She had been engaged to Johnny DePhillipo and they quietly ended things shortly after filming ended. Johnny questioned the timeline of Greg and Victoria’s relationship for months.

Once the two went public, they were inseparable. Good pal Nick Viall even predicted these two getting engaged within a year. Things seemed to be on track with that prediction until recently.

Of course, nobody officially knows if Greg and Victoria are having issues or are still happily together. Everything is pure speculation until one of them speaks publicly about their status.

What do you think? Are they still happily in love or did they go their separate ways and are just not ready to talk about it? Hopefully, a clear answer will be given soon.

Stay tuned for more updates on all your Bachelor Nation favorites.

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