‘Bachelorette’: Why Greg Grippo Thought He’d Get Back Together With Katie Thurston

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Bachelorette alum Greg Grippo speaks out on why he thought he would get back together with Katie Thurston after quitting the show. Keep reading for all the details.

Greg Grippo reveals why he quit Bachelorette

Greg Grippo is responsible for one of the most truly dramatic moments of Season 17 of The Bachelorette. After making it to the final three suitors, Grippo abruptly quit the show after an blowout argument with Katie Thurston.

Viewers thought he left because she refused to tell him that she was in love with him. However, that’s not the true reason he left, according to him.

Greg Grippo via YouTube
Greg Grippo via YouTube

Bachelor Nation alum Greg Grippo was a guest on the We Met At Acme podcast earlier this week. He opened about his shocking exit from the show.

After calling the move a “tough decision,” Grippo shared his mindset at the time. In his opinion, the reality show was “too scripted” for him to continue. At the time, fans speculated that he wanted Katie Thurston to quit the show with him, similar to how Clare Crawley and Dale Moss quit Season 16 together.

However, he denies that accusation.

“I had no problem going into, like, the fantasy suite and there being two other guys there. I wasn’t looking for the show to end. I wasn’t at all. I wanted us to communicate on a mutual level in those moments,” he told the podcast host.

Following his exit, both fans of the show and Katie Thurston accused him of gaslighting. On the podcast, he claims that he spent over a week in bed in response to the backlash.

Why he thought he’d get back together with Katie Thurston

Despite his hasty exit, Greg Grippo believes the feelings he and Katie had were “real.” However, he concedes that her feelings for final rose pick Blake Moynes were “stronger.”

Leaving the show wasn’t the last producers heard from him, though. On the podcast, he copped to calling producers and DMing host Kaitlyn Bristowe to find out if Katie was single.

Katie Thurston via YouTube
Katie Thurston via YouTube

He recalls “calling producers left and right” to get information about how the show ended. Was she engaged to Blake? Was there another chance for them?

In fact, he felt so strongly about Thurston that he told his parents “there’s a better chance than not” of reuniting with her, per Us Weekly.

We know now that it never happened for Greg and Katie. She recently announced the end of her engagement to Blake Moynes. She’s currently dating former Season 17 suitor John Hersey.

Would he give her another chance now?

Is Greg Grippo holding a candle for the Bachelorette alum? Despite defending their brief romance as “very real,” he’s not interested in revisiting it.

“That chapter’s closed,” he said on the podcast. He added, “I don’t think we’re right for each other anyway.”

Does it surprise you that Greg Grippo thought he would get back together with Katie Thurston after quitting the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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