Chris Combs Caught Water Gliding Amid Huge Weight Loss

Chris Combs from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLC Sourced from Youtube

1000-Lb Sisters star Chris Combs seemed to have a wonderful time on vacation in Florida with his family.

And that’s not all. Chris got to try many new things for the first time, including water gliding. In previous seasons, the reality TV star said that there were many things he wanted to do, but felt that his weight was holding him back.

After receiving bariatric surgery and working toward his health goals, Chris is excited to unlock a brand new chapter in his life. Keep reading to find out more.

Chris Combs is living his best life right now

By now, most 1000-Lb Sisters fans know that the family took a recent trip to Florida. In all likelihood, they were filming new episodes for Season 5.

According to The Sun, Tammy Slaton has lost enough weight to make travel more feasible. The family hadn’t taken a vacation together since Season 3, which didn’t go so smoothly.

Although the Florida trip reportedly had its share of issues, 1000-Lb Sisters cast members were spotted enjoying the beach and ocean.

Chris Combs, Tammy Slaton, and a friend from Instagram
Chris Combs/Instagram

That’s also where Chris had the chance to try water gliding for the first time. He reportedly loved the experience.

“Chris jumped at the fun opportunity, but Tammy chose to sit that one out,” an insider allegedly shared with The Sun after the trip concluded.

A photo of Chris sitting in a harness is making its rounds on the internet right now. The photo is taken from a distance, but fans can still tell that Chris is beaming from ear to ear and enjoying himself on the water.

Although the family had plenty of fun experiences, a huge fight reportedly happened at the end of the trip. Sadly, this likely soured the experience and fun memories for many of the family members.

1000-Lb Sisters cast members nearly come to blows on vacation

All families fight from time to time. But it seems like the 1000-Lb Sisters family members tend to argue and fight more than an average family. Unfortunately, a major fight among the siblings really put a damper on the family vacation.

“The film crew was present, but they felt uncomfortable working with them because of the way they were behaving,” a source reportedly shared with The Sun. There aren’t many details about the fight so far, but the insider claimed that the fight quickly became physical.

The TLC production team reportedly gave the family an extended break from filming in order to settle down. The Sun shared that the break would be about 6-8 weeks long. However, it’s not currently known when filming stopped and when it plans to pick back up again.

Chris Combs from 1000-Lb Sisters, TLCSourced from Youtube
1000-Lb Sisters/TLC

So far, it seems like 1000-Lb Sisters Season 5 is happening. But if big fights keep delaying the filming process, no one knows for sure when it will come to TLC.

But in the meantime, fans hope the family can get back on the right track and continue working toward their health goals.

Are you excited to see Chris Combs having so much fun on vacation? What do you think the big fight entailed? Share your thoughts in the comments and check back soon for more TLC news and updates.

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