Cheryl Burke Doubles Down On Controversial ‘DWTS’ Comments

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Former Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke isn’t backing down. She recently made some pretty controversial statements when she appeared as a guest on a podcast recently. During the episode, she spoke on many different subjects — including her shaky relationship with DWTS execs.

But even so, Cheryl stands by her words. She believes she spoke honestly and candidly about her time on the show. Keep reading and see what she has to say now.

Cheryl Burke Refuses To Back Down Or Apologize For Her Words

Cheryl Burke officially retired from DWTS in Season 31. However, she’s not done speaking about her time on the show. She launched her own podcast entitled Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans where she discusses all the backstage drama. And on top of that, she also regularly appears on other podcasts to discuss such matters.

Her recent appearance on the Amy & T.J. Podcast kickstarted a lot of the recent problems. However, Cheryl doesn’t regret what she shared on the show.

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“I’m human. It still affects me,” Cheryl shared in a new episode of her podcast, Sex, Lies, and Spray Tans. “To say that I don’t look at the comments would be a lie. And to say that I don’t focus on [the negative ones], it would also be a lie.”

Although Cheryl Burke struggled with addiction in the past, she’s been sober for several years now. In the episode, she went on to say that discussing the negatives aspects of the show helped her heal.


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“I think that with some people, talking about the past means you’re not over things, and that is just not true in my world,” the 39-year-old continued. “Like for me, talking about it is me trying to let go of it, like in real-time, like, you cannot run.”

Regardless of the backlash and Cheryl’s personal bad experiences, she asserts that she still has a lot of love for the show.

“I will always be Dancing With The Stars’ number one fan. That’s never going to go away,” the professional dancer continued. “Regardless of any, whatever you want to call it — disagreements, turmoil, whatever — there always will be love for me, at least from me to Dancing With The Stars.”

The Former Pro Says Leaving Was Worse Than Her Divorce

During Cheryl’s time as a pro dancer on the show, she navigated her divorce from actor Matthew Lawrence. On the Amy & T.J. show, she revealed departing from DWTS was much more difficult than her breakup.

When Amy Robach asked the dancer which was more difficult, Cheryl replied without hesitation, “Dancing With The Stars. I mean hands down. You can’t compare.”

What did you think about Cheryl Burke’s recent podcast appearances and her opinions on DWTS? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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