Cheryl Burke’s Rift With ‘DWTS’ Has Been Rougher Than Divorce

Cheryl Burke on Instagram

Although Cheryl Burke had a beautiful sendoff from Dancing With The Stars, things haven’t been so great since she left. In fact, it seems that she and the executive team are on worse terms than ever before.

In a recent podcast appearance, Cheryl admitted she’s burned some bridges. And in her opinion, the process is much harder than her divorce from actor Matthew Lawrence.

So what exactly happened? And what did Cheryl Burke have to say about the situation? Read on to get the answers.

Cheryl Burke Says Leaving DWTS Was Incredibly Painful

After leaving Dancing With The Stars, Cheryl Burke has been pretty busy. She launched her own podcast, Sex, Lies, & Spray Tans, which has gotten her in some pretty hot water with Dancing With The Stars. She appeared as a guest on the Amy & T.J. podcast and admitted her own show was the reason she wasn’t invited for the Len Goodman tribute.

But what some fans might not realize is that Cheryl Burke considers leaving Dancing With The Stars more painful than her divorce.

Cheryl Burke on Instagram
Cheryl Burke/Instagram

In the episode, Amy Robach asked Cheryl if she thought her exit from DWTS was more challenging, or her divorce from Matthew Lawrence.

For Cheryl, it wasn’t a difficult decision.

“Dancing With The Stars. I mean hands down. You can’t compare,” the 39-year-old confessed.

While the statement might seem a little harsh, the professional dancer dedicated a significant portion of her life to the show. Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence were married from 2019-2022. Cheryl was on Dancing With The Stars for a total of 26 seasons from 2006-2022.


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“That was my identity… I credit them for giving me a voice in general,” Cheryl said about the ABC show. “I think coming into my own and being able to stand on my own two feet, I credit Dancing With The Stars for that. And I think because they’ve seen me through it all… It’s hard. It’s hard.”

The Dancer Claims It’s Difficult To Secure Guests For Her Podcast

Cheryl Burke knows Sex, Lies, & Spray Tans has cost her some opportunities. But it’s apparently cost her some guests as well. On the Amy & T.J. podcast, Cheryl also admitted she’s had guests back out of her show.

“I do know of some guests who have said yes to the show and then all of the sudden said no,” Cheryl sadly confessed. “I don’t know who, what, where, when, how it all happened, but I can only assume, and my feeling is that someone who isn’t happy with the podcast may have been an influence.”

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