Cheryl Burke Believes She’s Burned Bridges With ‘DWTS’ Execs

Cheryl Burke from Instagram

Controversies come and go on Dancing With The Stars. But former pro dancer Cheryl Burke no longer feels like she’s part of the DWTS family.

After leaving the show, Cheryl went on to launch her own podcast, Sex, Lies, & Spray Tans where she discusses backstage drama. More than likely, that hasn’t gone over well with executives at DWTS.

After spending 26 seasons on the show, it seems like Cheryl might have completely burned bridges with the exec team. Keep reading for more information.

Cheryl Burke Has Spoken At Length About Negative Experiences On Her Podcast

Cheryl Burke recently appeared on the Amy & T.J. Podcast to talk about her beef with the show. And ultimately, she seems to think her podcast probably created the rift with DWTS.

“I would assume that some people may not be happy with my podcast that I have here with iHeart,” Cheryl confessed. She went on to say that she was grateful for her time on the show, but things haven’t been the same since she left. Ultimately, that’s also likely why she wasn’t asked back for the Len Goodman tribute last season.

Cheryl Burke from Instagram
Cheryl Burke/Instagram

“I don’t care if you’re the first eliminated, or if you went all the way till the end, or if you had a bow out due to like Sara Evans, like a divorce that she was going through,” Cheryl shared on the podcast. “This show is something that is a special experience that you go through these different emotions and I think it’s important that we talk, and I think it’s entertaining for the fans who have been sticking by their side for so many decades now, and it’s just a great time. It’s just like an hour long.”


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“Regardless, I think at the end of the day, everyone can say about this show is that they took something away from the show and it made them into a better person somehow, whether that be them losing weight or them gaining confidence or whatever it is,” the 39-year-old went on to say. “And I always, I always am going back to the fact that I am in gratitude for my experience and my time with the network and with you know, Dancing With The Stars in general.”

Sharna Burgess, who also notoriously has issues with the executive team, also wasn’t asked back for the tribute.

The Former DWTS Pro Previously Made Other Controversial Statements

Although many fans feel bad for Cheryl Burke, plenty of others aren’t surprised that the show never asked her to return for any reason. On her podcast, Cheryl also admitted to throwing out the Mirrorball Trophies she won in Seasons 2 and 3.

“It’s so cheap. The second season and third season of the Mirrorball Trophies were made of lampshades,” she told listeners. “… That’s why mine is completely like, in the trash, because the mirrors have fallen off one by one.”

What do you think about the situation? Has Cheryl Burke truly burned her bridges with the Dancing With The Stars execs? Share your own thoughts and opinions in the comments.

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