‘DWTS’ Rylee Arnold Ticketed By Police, Fans Shocked

Rylee Arnold from Instagram

Dancing With The Stars fans love and adore 18-year-old Rylee Arnold, the newest pro dancer on the show. After wrapping up the 2024 tour with the rest of the cast, she’s back home in Utah with her family.

However, things don’t seem to be going so well for Rylee as of late. The dancer shared on Snapchat that she was pulled over and ticketed by a police officer.

When fans found out about her transgression, they felt shocked and angry that Rylee would behave so recklessly. Keep reading to see what happened.

Rylee Arnold Winds Up In Trouble With The Police

Many DWTS fans love Rylee Arnold for the fresh, young vibe she brings to the show. She’s incredibly active on social media, which makes her relatable to younger audiences.

However, it seems like her social media obsession also played a role in a recent ticket she received.

Rylee Arnold from Instagram
Rylee Arnold/Instagram

“Rylee got pulled over and shared it’s because she was texting and driving. Thoughts?” one Reddit user shared online after the incident. “Honestly if I were [her] I would’ve never shared that reason with my followers I’d be way too embarrassed honestly 😭 (this isn’t hate on her directly, just saying in general I could never share that online)”

The OP shared a screenshot from Rylee’s Snapchat. In the photo, the dancer covers her mouth, suppressing a laugh.

Screenshot from Rylee Arnold's snapchat, posted by Lucky_Fortune_8710on Reddit

Heavy dives further into the incident. The publication reports that in another Snapchat photo, she’s crying. She captioned a photo:

“I’m embarrassed to say this, but the police officer caught me on my phone which, thank you, for actually catching me and doing that. I need to know better. So, yeah. Learn from your mistakes. I got a ticket. I cried because I just get emotional.”

Dancing With The Stars Fans React To The Snapchat Photo

Other Redditors thought the situation wasn’t a good look for the 18-year-old. They wrote:

  • “It’s bad enough to be pulled over for texting and driving, but super bold to actually take a picture of it happening…girl put the phone down.”
  • Kinda glad they gave her a ticket and not just a warning. The crying and being cute doesn’t always work.”
  • “Very bold of her to post this, but I’m glad she was pulled over for this at a young age. Too many people never get caught and continue texting/driving for years. Hopefully this lesson will stick with her!”
  • What’s the point in posting this…? Like I get people being desperate for content and attention, but posting about how you’re a danger on the roads is so moronic. There’s nothing cute or humorous about texting and driving. 🤡🤡🤡”
Were you surprised to learn Rylee Arnold got ticketed for texting and driving? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Keep following TV Shows Ace for the latest Dancing With The Stars news and updates.
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