‘DWTS’ Gleb Savchenko Teases Shakeups Ahead of Season 33

Gleb Savchenko from KTLA 5 interview on YouTube

No two seasons of Dancing With The Stars are ever alike. But professional dancer Gleb Savchenko just hinted that there might be some major changes coming to the show ahead of Season 33.

Fans expect the upcoming season to air sometime in September. When summer arrives, rumors about celebrity cast members will start to go around. Unfortunately, the pro dancers don’t get called until late August, just before the season premiere.

Gleb Savchenko hopes the show will ask him to return, but anything can happen. So what changes might happen when DWTS returns? See what he had to say.

Gleb Savchenko Hints DWTS May Completely Shake Up The Cast List Someday

Fans last saw Gleb Savchenko in the ballroom competing with actress Mira Sorvino in Season 32. However, they didn’t have a very long run. Although they had plenty of fans backing them, they placed 10th out of 14 couples.

Gleb Savchenko and Mira Sorvino from Instagram
Mira Sorvino/Instagram

DWTS Season 33 is still several months away, but it’s already hot on the pro dancers’ minds. Gleb sat down with The Sun to discuss the show and what fans might expect.

“We just sit and wait for the calls to be picked up, and hopefully, I’m back as a pro,” the Russian dancer shared. “I love the show. … I still have a few more seasons in me for sure.”

However, many of the dancers dread the day the show doesn’t ask them back.

“A friend of mine just said it to me yesterday, ‘The show will definitely, at some point, get a facelift,'” Gleb revealed. “And facelift, meaning it has to be updated with maybe dancers or whatever. But I’ll tell you one thing, even though I’m 40 years old, I don’t look like I’m 40.”

Gleb Savchenko, Sasha Farber, 40, and Artem Chigvintsev, 41, are among the show’s oldest current performers. However, they remain wildly popular with fans, so it seems reasonable they will return.

The Russian Dancer Has His Plate Full In The Meantime

As the pro dancers wait for Season 33 to arrive, they’re all pursuing various other projects. As for Gleb Savchenko, he’s in Las Vegas rehearsing for his upcoming Chippendales performance.

The 40-year-old revealed his upcoming project at the beginning of March. Right from the start, fans expressed excitement and said they couldn’t wait to see Gleb perform.

With any luck, the Dancing With The Stars casting department will give Gleb a call at the end of the summer. But in the meantime, he’s having plenty of fun with the cast of Chippendales.

Do you hope to see Gleb back in the ballroom this fall? Who else do you think will rejoin the cast? Is there anyone you think will be cut from the show? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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