Harry Jowsey Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Harry Jowsey from the Call Her Daddy Podcast, sourced from YouTube

Too Hot To Handle star Harry Jowsey is dealing with a very frightening cancer diagnosis at the moment.

The social media influencer is known for his jovial personality and laid-back attitude. But today, he took some time to share some incredibly sobering information with his TikTok audience. This time, there’s nothing to joke about. Harry now wants to use his platform to spread awareness and help educate others about his diagnosis.

Keep reading to see what he had to say and how his fans reacted.

Harry Jowsey Reveals He’s Living With Cancer

Sadly, cancer can strike anyone at any time — even someone as young as Harry Jowsey. The 26-year-old Australian entertainer confirmed on social media that he has skin cancer.

Harry Jowsey from Instagram
Harry Jowsey/Instagram

Please wear sunscreen ☀️” Harry simply captioned his TikTok where he shared the devastating diagnosis. He revealed the cancer was in a growth on his shoulder. He’d actually had the growth for at least a year and had absolutely no idea it was cancerous. As the video continued, he implored fans to engage in regular skin checks and to always seek professional medical help if they found anything alarming.

@harryjowseyPlease wear sunscreen ☀️♬ original sound – Harry Jowsey

Plenty of Harry’s fans shared supportive comments and hoped for the best. They wrote:

  • Sending you love and good energy 💗”
  • Basal cell carcinoma just removed two months ago from my neck. So scary! Thank you for using your platform to educate everyone on the importance of skin health 💙”
  • “I’m so sorry for this Harry, sending you so much love rn, may God bless you and give you lots of strength and health…”

Fans Wait To Hear More Updates From The Social Media Influencer

As a social media superstar, Harry Jowsey likely has the best treatment options available. In many cases, skin cancer is highly treatable and survivors go on to live healthy, fulfilling lives.

The diagnosis is certainly scary and difficult to navigate, but Harry Jowsey will likely move forward with his planned projects. The first episode of his podcast, Boyfriend Material, just dropped this week. More than likely, he will keep fans updated on his cancer journey through the podcast and his social media channels.

In the meantime, his fans, friends, and family members wish him well as he pursues treatment.

Did you feel surprised to hear about Harry Jowsey’s skin cancer diagnosis? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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