‘Unexpected’ Tyra Boisseau Opens Up About Relationship With Alex

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Unexpected alum Tyra Boisseau is opening up about her relationship with Alex Wilson. He is the father to her daughter, Layla, and seemingly to her unborn son. Fans have long been wondering what is going on between the two of them. It seems very all over the place but she has not given a concrete answer as of late. Now, she is opening up as to where the two of them stand and if he is still in her life. Read on for more details.

Unexpected Tyra Boisseau Opens Up About Relationship With Alex

Tyra Boisseau spent most of Season 5 trying to figure out what to do with Alex Wilson, her longtime boyfriend. They had a daughter together but had somewhat of an on-and-off situation. Then, he went and got another woman, Hanna Cole, pregnant. That was a really hard pill for Tyra to swallow so she struggled with accepting him back and he was not really trying when it came to family events. He would sit in the corner and mope which made the whole family upset. It was always hard to figure out if they were together or if she was single. Then, they were spotted together at a market, earlier this year, and she appeared to be pregnant.

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As it turned out, she was as she revealed in a maternity shoot on Instagram. She was over thirty weeks along and apparently having a baby boy. Tyra Boisseau’s fans were eager to find out who the father was and wondered if it was Alex. Then, her sister, Tiarra Boisseau jumped in and said it was nobody’s business as Tyra was an adult. It was just presumed that it was Alex and fans left it at that. Now, she has spoken out on a live caught by @tlc.unexpectedteaa. There, a tearful Tyra explains the whole situation and how Alex Wilson actually left her.

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She explains that he has always been a great father to her daughter Layla and believes that will continue. However, he left one day and it seems that he went back to Hanna. Tyra Boisseau shared that Alex had been spending time with his other child and she believes that something clicked between him and the mother of the baby. She does want it noted that she did not cause Alex to miss the birth of his other baby.

More To The Story

Tyra Boisseau went on to say that Layla was having her birthday party the same day Alex’s son with Hanna was born. She had no idea when the due date was at all. This was just a coincidence and maintains that she is not a “bitter b*tch.” It has been an extremely hard time for Tyra. Not only is she getting ready for baby number two but her house just burned down and she lost everything. Now, it seems that she lost Alex, as well so really is starting from scratch.

Do you think Alex will come crawling back to Tyra? More so, do you really think he is with his other baby mama or someone else? Let us know in the comments below.

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