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‘Unexpected’ Fans Outraged Tyra’s Ex, Alex, Baby #3 Confirmed?

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Unexpected star, Tyra Boisseau first appeared on the show in Season 3. She became a fan favorite pretty quickly and her story was like no other that fans had seen before. In fact, she lived in a family of teen moms. One of the great things that fans loved about her was her goals and aspirations. She wanted to raise her family and be a good mother, but she had her eyes set on going to college. Her daughter, Layla was left in the hands of Alex Wilson, Layla’s father. Things didn’t really go as expected, they never really do, but she kept pushing forward. It turns out that Tyra isn’t the only woman that Alex has children with. Now it looks as if fans are angry with him after his second baby’s mother has shared some interesting news with fans.

Alex Wilson Having More Children

It didn’t take long for fans to see that Alex Wilson is having another child. After he was called out by Tyra for his cheating, it looks like he has moved on to yet another woman. The news hit Reddit and fans of the show were quick to share their opinions on Alex’s bad behavior. In fact, one Redditor shared a screen shot from the second woman he had a child with, Hanna Cole. She wrote, “So cheap he doesn’t take care of the other two kids he got and now he has another otw.”

Hanna Cole- Instagram
Hanna Cole-Instagram

After seeing this, fans were quick to start on how Alex Wilson’s behavior isn’t a big surprise, especially after seeing the way that he treated Tyra. One Redditor began, “Wow! He is going to do what he did to Tyra to her. These women need to watch the show and keep their eyes on this guy.” An additional Redditor wrote, “She can’t actually be surprised by this. I feel like anyone could have predicted it.”

Alex and Tyra’s History

For fans of Unexpected, they remember a time when Tyra did her best to bring Alex Wilson back into her life. It seemed that she needed help with their daughter, but after him cheating on her so many times, when would it finally be enough? Things seemed to be going very well for them for a while and they actually were able to buy a home together. Shortly after though, Alex’s cheating ways caught up to him. How did Tyra find out? The woman he cheated on her with actually got pregnant so there was no way that he could talk his way out of this one!

Alex Wilson- TLC
Alex Wilson- TLC

Now that Alex has moved on to yet another woman, it looks as if fans are gunning for him again. His time on Unexpected defintely showed viewers what his motives were. Fans will have to keep an eye on this to see just what happens next.

What do you think about Alex having another baby? We would like to hear what you think in the comments below. Stay here with TV Shows Ace for more Unexpected news.


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