‘Unexpected’ Fans Question Who’s The Daddy Of Tyra’s 2nd Baby

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Unexpected fans are questioning who the daddy of Tyra Boisseau’s second baby is. They are speculating that it is her on-again/off-again boyfriend, Alex Wilson. Yet, they are seriously hoping that she has chosen a different man this time around. So, what are people saying regarding this? Read on for more details.

Unexpected Fans Question Who’s The Daddy Of Tyra’s 2nd Baby

A short time ago, an Unexpected fan alleged that they had seen Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson shopping together. When they were spotted, Tyra was apparently quite pregnant. However, he was also allegedly expecting his third child with another person. This was revealed by his second baby mama, Hanna Cole who. She shared this information on her social media page stating: “So cheap he doesn’t take care of the other two kids he got and now he has another otw.” Though she did not specify who the new mama was, it was presumed to be a completely different woman.

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Fans then hoped that Tyra and Alex were officially over until they saw her out pregnant. Yet, she had yet to actually confirm her pregnancy until just a few days ago. Posing in ripped unbuttoned denim jeans and a rolled-up white tank, Tyra Boisseau proudly displayed her baby bump. She then proceeded to share that she is 31 weeks pregnant and her daughter, Layla revealed that it was a boy. Of course, she is tight-lipped as to who the father is. Unexpected fans took to Reddit to talk and speculate about this.

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The OP started with this: “Has anyone confirmed Alex is the dad?” Someone responded with this: “This is such a mess 🥵 I feel like people would be more happy for her if he wasn’t. But like homegirl literally let him in after he has a whole child with another woman. So it’s bm 1 (Tyra) > bm 2 (Hanna) > back to bm 1 🏓.” Another added: “She was on live and she was like “I’m not telling y’all who the dad is” she said so basically get over it lol but we all know it’s Alex and she’s embarrassed that’s why lol she didn’t deny it wasn’t Alex’s.”

Reasoning Behind Keeping Alex

One Unexpected fan speculated that there was a valid reason for Tyra keeping Alex as her baby daddy again. “I was just going to say I wonder if she wanted Layla to have a full sib because I feel like maybe she just has half sibs right? And I get that.. but honey just wait until you find your one. Having a baby with someone like Alex is not worth it just for genetics.” If that is her reasoning, this is her choice. Hopefully, whoever the father turns out to be will play an active role and gives her kids all the love that they need.
Do you think Alex is the father or is it someone else? More so, will you miss seeing this journey documented on Season 6 of Unexpected? Let us know in the comments.
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